Monday, December 28, 2009

Max Baucus Impersonates Drunken Sailor on Spending Binge

I am not sure if this is Best Drunk Dude Ever Tries to Buy More Beer Part II or if Baucus is punch drunk from all the kool aid the Democrats were forced to swallow to pass their health care bill. Could be he is totally sleep deprived after they worked for 24 days straight to pass the rotten lousy health care bill before Christmas. In any case this video is pretty pathetic as Baucus slurs and rambles through a rant against the Republicans who opposed the health care bill:

I am fairly certain the synapses are not firing as they should because Democrats seem to be under the mistaken impression those who say no to their drunken out of control spending binges are going to be in trouble with voters next year. Even their own pollsters are having a hard time believing the fauxtrage against Republicans has any hope of sticking:"

“People are angry and what Democrats are trying to do is channel that anger,” said Democratic pollster Doug Schoen. “You’ve got to displace the anger onto the Republicans. If they can do that, Democrats have some hope but right now things are looking increasingly bleak every day.”

Schoen was blunt about the challenge Democrats are facing next fall. “The Democrats are trying to stem the bleeding,” the former pollster for President Bill Clinton said. “Obama’s in a free fall and, unless they stem the bleeding, they’re going to face unprecedented losses.”

If I were a betting woman, I would think the odds might just favor anyone who stood up and opposed the health care debacle the drunken Democrats have tried to ram through without a single Republican vote. Baucus' rant is the epitome of delusional displaced anger because they know they are doing themselves in with their own legislation. I personally hope they continue to rant and rave about the party of no, ramp it up and keep it coming. Someone needs to announce the keg is tapped, we're out of beer.

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