Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Immoral Minority Blogger Investigation Continues

Riehl World View blogger Dan posted an intriguing tweet yesterday morning which stated:
Spoke w/ Palin Lawyer - AM post. Anti-Palin blogger Gryphen in serious trouble. Must finish research 1st. Check back AM.

Riehl has been working with Stacy McCain The Other McCain on what appears to be explosive new information related to their exclusive quote from Sarah Palin in response to the bogus claim the Palins were to divorce asserted by Gryphen on the blog "Immoral Minority." Some background information with links here.

Earlier this evening Dan at Riehl World and Stacy McCain released a joint message on their here. Neither blogger has posted or published their findings in this mysterious investigation though Riehl World has posted a strange email he received from the blogger Gryphen aka Jessie Griffen. Sarah Palin was evidently very serious in her admonition to "journalists" real and pretend, "they stop making things up." It's about time Palin had her chance to put a stop to the nonsense spread about her and her children on the internet.


  1. When I read things like this I remember that Rita Skeeter said, the "newpaper exists to sell itself." It is so true. I dislike journalists with a passion.

  2. You should be ashamed of yourself. IF you really have a source,you should name it and not hide behind a mirage! Leave the Palin's alone. Why are you so threatened by them?


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