Sunday, August 30, 2009

Link Fest: A Week in Review

We took the daughter child to college today, so I have some catching up to do "Full-Metal" style. Consider this my Full Metal Jacket-Better Late Than Never Edition, if I can borrow a bit from Pat . I have tossed in a few extra because they are worthy reads that I think merit some attention. So without further ado....

Anne Leary gives her Harvard-educated seal of approval to Michelle Bachmann's fabulous smack down of a loud-mouthed graduate of the Andrew Sullivan School of Gynecology.

More wisdom of the "Ancient Eight" variety comes from the good Professor at Legal Insurrection, who has taken to throwing darts at HR 3200. If anyone can read through the gibberish of HR 3200 to determine what the Dems and their minions have in store for us it would have to be Professor Jacobson.

GaterDoug has a great round-up on Green Czar Van Jones as well as a comprehensive Link-O-Rama : it even included me.

The Other McCain finds himself a victim of malicious Machiavellian mischief and must now suffer the dread onslaught of the "meet gay singles" ad rotation.

Pat at "And So it Goes in Shreveport" has a well deserved Linkiest and down-right Instalanchiest great week at her trusty typewriter.

The trusty typewriter at Pundit & Pundette blogs from Brickfair covering buildings, bikinis and the truly bizarre. Oh my!

Texas for Sarah Palin takes on a favorite target of the Dynamic Duo and finds the DSM IV diagnosis for the Immortal GriffinDork.

A reading from the Book of Sarah provides Palin links aplenty!

Verum Serum thinks "Rangel Must Go." I completely agree.
Seems Snaggletoothie agrees as well.

The Sundries Shack seeds the blogger's soul.

The TrogloPundit thinks Brett Favre might need to do some time. There are two types of prison, as any fan of the movie "Office Space" will know. Will it be the "white collar resort" type prison for Brett? Can Charlie Rangel go?

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