Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bright Spots on a Dreary Thursday

I am a little slow on the blogg updates today, but not this slow

Carol at No Sheeples Here is nominated for a Weblog award.  I am proud she mentioned my praise of her dedication to the very best causes when announcing her nomination.  Go Carol!

Gator Doug mentioned some praise for his blog from a much higher being than me.

Stacy McCain has a thought or two on Twitter Narcissism

Honesty in Motion is Mucho Furioso and it appears to be contagious and spreading in Shreveport.

He's Baaaaaaaaack and blogging better than ever.

Blog Post Title of the Day by Fishersville Mike.

Professor Jacobson has a wake up call courtesy of the CBO.

Lisa Graas put my blog feed on the Palin twibe twitter updates.  I just love her for doing that.

I promised a friend I would post a link to Cassandra's glorious take down "Obama Doesn't Get the Military He Commands."  Cassandra knows a thing or two about commanding troops as the Marine team met our fundraising goal of $35,000  with time to spare.  Oorah!

Anne Leary links an interesting quote from Sarah Palin and the Dysfunctional Political Class by James DeLong.

Carol's Closet takes an ironic look at "Lefty Wit" and finds it lacking.

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