Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Was the Gryphen "Immoral Minority" Blogger Getting Stimulus Money?

That's the question you have to ask yourself after reading the latest research in The Other McCain: THE GRYPHEN FILES: Did Anti-Palin Blogger Get Paid For No-Show Job? R.S. McCain outlines the contents of the latest explosive report on the Palin-hating blogger Jessie Griffin:
1. Jesse Griffin's "employer of record" is Puffin Heights Montessori school.
2. Employees of that school told Dan that they have never seen Griffin at the school.
3. Former Alaska resident Catherine New was once listed as "primary contact" for the Puffin Heights school.
4. The Puffin Heights school was apparently bankrupted by IRS tax judgments and reorganized circa 2002, with "Yolanda Baber" listed as head of the LLC.
5. Joseph Culligan has been unable to verify the existence of a "Yolanda Baber" in Anchorage.
6. Meanwhile, Catherine New and her husband, Eligio White, have prospered in the health-care industry and are "progressive" activists whose business recently received $4.3 million of stimulus money.

We could speculate about what all this means, but if this Puffin Heights Montessori was indeed paying Griffin for a "no-show job," the big question is: Why?

The next big question in my mind is How? I have no doubt Griffen was being paid by activists to blog and smear Palin but who is paying? It better not be tax payers. McCain has much more here, here and thoughts on National Enquirer cover showing the Palins with the single-word healdine "Divorce" here. Riehl World's latest research is here.


  1. That's weird!

  2. I thought this story was over but you never know anymore.


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