Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarkozy Thinks Obama Incredibly Naive and Grossly Egotistical

Jack Kelly has an article in Real Clear Politics that reiterates his insights on French President Sarkozy's opinions on Obama made on Greta Van Sustern last night:

Kelly bases his assessment of Sarkozy's views of Obama on two sources but it was quite plain from Sarkozy's statements at the G20 in Pittsburgh last week, Sarkozy is quite dubious of Obama's ability to lead on Iran. Conservative critics of Obama have witnessed both Obama's naivete and massive ego in play through the seemingly endless health care debate. Despite falling poll numbers and serious lack of support for health care reform, Obama persists as though the fate of the free world depends on his signature issue is passed in Congress.

While Obama has devoted the bulk of his attention to health care, he has merely played at dealing with Iran:
News reports indicated Mr. Obama had been briefed on the site before his inauguration. But he's been conducting his foreign policy as if the mullahs could be trusted.

"Iran has been put on notice," President Obama said in Pittsburgh.

Iran responded to being "put on notice" by testing Monday two ballistic missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead 1,200 miles.
Kelly reports Obama's deadlines are far from firm noting his deadline of Sept 10 to Iran issued at the G8 was quietly extended to December when Iran largely blew him off.

Rep. Howard Berman (D-Cal), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee warned December could be too late according to Kelly:
"Tehran soon could have humankind's most frightening weapon if substantial diplomatic progress is not made in the coming days," Rep. Howard Berman (D-Cal), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said Saturday (9/26).
Obama has not called for sanctions, instead he presses for more negotiations and heads to Copenhagen to secure the Olympics for his friends in Chicago in 2016. Not that 24 hours in Copenhagen will make any great difference one way or the other, we all know Obama is not going to be putting that relentless effort he puts in healthcare to work on Iran. Sarkozy has him figured out as well.

H/T: Memeorandum

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