Saturday, October 17, 2009

Links from Outside the Obama Cave

As if all the efforts to control the images inside Obama's cave weren't enough Red State finds the left resorting to putting words in the mouths of Aristotle to make the case for government take over of health care.

The Blogprof  highlights the CBO analysis of the effects of climate change legislation, aka cap and trade on the economy.  Contrary to Democratic spin, the legislation would do nothing to spur growth in the economy, in fact the opposite would occur:
"The shifts will be significant," the CBO director said. "We want to leave no misunderstanding that aggregate performance -- the fact that jobs turn up somewhere else for some people -- does not mean that there are not substantial costs borne by people, communities, firms in affected industries and affected areas. You saw that in manufacturing, and we would see that in response to changes that this legislation would produce."
With more on the potential devastating outcomes as the Obama administration pushes forward to blindly sign on to all things global warming, Nice Deb has a dire warning from Lord Monckton.  Wattsupwiththat has more on the warning US could cede sovereignty by signing the forthcoming treaty in Copenhagen.  The Daley Gator is covering the story as well. 

Megan McArdle recommends the book And the Money Kept Rolling In ( and Out) for those who aren't worried about setting up a new entitlement that will blow a hole in the federal budget yet mistakenly believe they'll be able to pay for it eventually.  Madonna will be singing "Don't Cry for me America."

No Sheeples Here finds Anita Dunn's claim she was only joking when calling Chairman Mao one of her favorite political philosophers laughable.  Dan Collins at POWIP and Snaggletoothie agree.

Paco Enterprises awards Senator John Kerry the purple buttocks award to "mark those public figures who put the lives of our troops at risk by advocating a pusillanimous, lukewarm military policy designed to mollify their leftist constituencies."

Pundit & Pundette  show why "Dragging Us"  to health care might be more difficult than Dems are willing to acknowledge.

Dan Riehl comments on the news Shepard Fairey submitted fake photos as his attorneys valiantly tried to defend his "fair use" of a photo in his famous "HOPE" poster. There seems to be incredible irony in that story.

Troglopundit is cleaning up after the Deck Swabber in Chief contradicts himself.  Professor Jacobson suggests Obama might want to "Clean up his own mess first."  Another Black Conservative doesn't mince any words when he advises Obama to "stop pissin' on the floor."

Remember the Facebook poll that asked whether Obama should be killed?   Donald Douglass at American Power blog does as he recalls the immediate ties to the right-wing made in the news.   Funny how the news that it was an Obama supporter who ran the poll never got any coverage though isn't it?  Even more bizarre is the news that the pollster is a Daily KOS diarist, still not a bit of coverage in the news even with the blatant public admission.  The media just moves along to the next right wing smear, unbelievable.

Pat at And so it goes in Shreveport and The Other McCain lend a hand as NY 23 Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman asks for support after the members of the NRCC endorse a RINO - again.  The NRCC have obviously not been reading the Villainous Company mood ring, the peasants are revolting against more hopey changiness.  The NRCC needs to get their heads out of  the Obama Cave. 

Who better to cut through the "Obama as genius author" claptrap than Anne Leary at Backyard Conservative? Love her PPS too:

Scared Monkeys haven't found the transcripts but they spotted the debt star. "More Obama 'Hope and Change' you can believe in … Record Deficits and no Jobs!"

For those interested in a nice diversion from all the news in the blogs, I recommend the Jimmy Bise podcast, "The Delivery." I have downloaded his podcasts and really enjoy his mix of news, music and politics; he can sing too.

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