Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Other McCain, Meghan McCain and CNN - Oh My!

The Other McCain has been busy building a google bomb extraordinaire after Meghan McCain posted a hey look at my boobs  photo on her twitter account.  Meghan didn't get the attention she was seeking, however, and a swearin' like a porn star meltdown ensued.  Admittedly, it's tough to tell Meghan McCain's swearin like a porn star meltdowns from her normal twitter posts, but I digress.

Now Meghan has been burned by the MSM that she typically seeks out when she feels a need to rant on what is wrong with the Republican party. 

So CNN has time fact check Saturday Night live,  run whole segments on Meghan McCain's boobs and twitter dramas but no time to fact check the bogus quotes they attributed to Rush Limbaugh.   Anita Dunn would be so proud. As juvenile as McCain's attention seeking twitter pic boob drama was, I have to agree with her.   CNN is #3 in the ratings for a reason, not even Meghan's boobs can save them. 

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