Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weblog Award Nominations

The 2009 Weblog Awards

It's time once again, for Technorati's Weblog Awards.  Since I am in the rather strange position of having a high technorati authority of 570 which puts me in the Very Large Blog category, I decided to help those who helped me most by nominating them for awards.  Carol at No Sheeples Here is already nominated in the Very Large Blog category, so go click up her plus sign to support her nomination.  Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection is nominated in  nearly every category already, otherwise I certainly would have nominated him as well.  Here are the rest of my submissions, please give a thumbs up (hit the plus sign) on the nominations if you agree:

Best Political Blog I nominated Pat Austin And so it goes in Shreveport, who is clearly political and a fabulous blogger to boot.

Best Conservative Blog I nominated Pundit and Pundette who are always on top of the buzz in the conservative movement.

Best Individual Bloggers, I nominated Ed Morrissey at Hot Air who is an amazing blogger and a genuinely nice human being.

The Troglopundit, was in the opposite position, having absurdly low authority of 1, he  is nominated in a category of Hidden Gem when he preferred to be nominated for Best New Political Blog.  I clicked my Ruby Slippers and gave him his wish.

The Daley Gator always remembers to include me in his links and often has a laugh out loud post.  He deserves a nomination as well.

Fishersville Mike already has a nomination, so give him a click in support.

Stacy McCain is nominated in the Best Individual Blogger category already so give him a click as well.

I also made a non-political nomination for the Best Literature Blog. I nominated my friend Brooke's The Bluestocking Guide for her great book reviews, fabulous contests and blog parties.

There are many more nominations there so I am sure I have probably missed a few I would gladly promote.  I will update as I find them.  I will be rooting for all.  I hope everyone will go get their banners and promote their nominations.

Update:  I must add, the nomination in  Best Community category for Free Republic is one I completely support.

UPDATE II: Wyblog blogging from the People's Republic of New Jersey is nominated for Best Conservative Blog. I am right next door in the People's Republic of Pennsylvania so I must support a neighboring conservative blogger.


  1. How sweet of you. I'm forever in your debt. My technorati went to 1 when they 'upgraded' and there it sits. Thanks ever so.

  2. You certainly deserve it Jill, it is the least I can do for those who helped me so much.  I genuinely appreciate it.  Now let's get people to vote up that nomination  8-)

  3. Thanks for nominating The DaleyGator! I am honored!
    Doug Hagin

  4. You're welcome Doug  :)

  5. Thanks for the nomination!  You rock!  I'm truly humbled.

  6. Hey, you're welcome.  You have been the one I turn to for guidance and your blog is great.  I am hoping everyone gets to the finals, that would be amazing.  

  7. Thanks for the nomination.  I'm going to check that website now.   :*

  8. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    I too am baffled by my Technorati authority number (474) when most days I'm just another blogospheric mushroom.

  9. You're welcome. The authority number should be added to the world's great mysteries. I remain baffled.


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