Thursday, December 17, 2009

Et Tu Olbermann - Olbermann's Rant Against the Perversion that is Obamacare

Keith Olbermann ended his broadcast tonight with one of his Murrowesque reports from the health care battlefield.  He acknowledges, however, there has been no war as he desperately quotes Churchill in his opening of a promised special commentary on health care reform:
O]ur loyal, brave people ... should know the truth. ... they should know that we have sustained a defeat without a war
Oh the drama.  Given the choice of this "perversion of health care reform"  or jail, Olbie chooses jail.  After railing for a few minutes over the moderates in the Democratic party, Republicans, bipartisanship and a bizarre story about being called a liberal, Olbermann addresses the President directly and begs him to embrace the left.  His conclusion "DO NO HARM" and warns signing such a bill will be done at Obama's peril.  

Mark this the day the leftist propaganda machine built to serve the Obama administration comes back to bite them.  Will Gibbs declare Olbermann irrelevant as he has done with Howard Dean?  Will Olbermann and Maddow be invited back for a private strategy meeting with Obama?  Stay tuned, as the Democratic civil war will soon need David O. Selznick to produce the epic drama for the silver screen.

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