Sunday, December 27, 2009

Obama Baby ~ I Really Need A Bailout Tonight

Tis the season for political parodies. First there was Roland Burris' parody of Twas the Night Before Christmas that read more like a nightmare. Moe Lane advised Burris to fire his speechwriter and then showed him how it is done in his conservative take on the poem. Chris Wysocki at Wyblog created the bloggers version of the same poem when The TrogloPundit came down with a case of writer's block on Christmas Eve. I will admit I am partial to the Wyblog version because it is very very clever... oh and I get a mention and a link YEAH!  

Moving from poetry to songs, here is a clever and humorous parody of the Eartha Kitt rendition of "Santa Baby." I am not sure this is what we could call the conservatives version but it's close enough.  Perhaps we can convince Pundette or Obi's Sister to give us the bloggers version?   YES WE CAN!  Lyrics are included after the video just in case anyone is up for the challenge.

Obama Baby, I just graduated from college with knowledge
But I can't find a job Obama darling
Help me pay my loans off tonight

Obama honey, I'd like a piece of that stimulus - get the gist
I could make it worthwhile Obama sweetie
I really need a bailout tonight

Cash for clunkers didn't help a bit
A couple of bucks for my Schwinn bike was all I could get
and you know I need a couple of mill
just to help me pay for my Iphone bill

Obama darling you chanted "yes we can" and "change to believe in"
Well baby I've got a plan - Obama listen
How about a few Grants and Benjamins?

Obama save, an eight figure bailout would be a start - have a heart
Slip me something under the TARP do be brief
My troubled assets do need some relief

Obama baby, remember who it is who you've taxed
here's the facts
Don't let me get stuck flipping Big Macs Obama help me
and bonus me like I'm Goldman Sachs

You said you'd take us in a new direction
So remember who helped stimulate your election
After all I could have voted McCain
but now it's time for me to start my collection

Obama baby, no jobs, no money and now a Nobel- what the hell
Your hope and change ain't going to well - Obama watchout
cause it looks like the health care bill might fail
and then I'm going to have to bid you farewell
Cause I'm voting Oprah 2012


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  1. Sorry I wasn't up to this!  We were all worshipping the porcelain god with projectile holiday cheer all this week.  Maybe another time... (as I sip my ginger ale)...


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