Sunday, January 10, 2010

Martha Coakley on Foreign Policy - Say it With Me "What if Sarah Palin Said That?"

I noticed a conservative friend on facebook joined the group Martha Coakley for Senator.  I did a bit of a double take then quickly clicked onto the page to see why she might join such a group.  I immediately had my answer.  Here is a screenshot of a typical post on the group wall:

Naturally I clicked to watch the video mentioned in the post that inspired so many jokes about Coakley's foreign policy credentials.  As you will see in the clip, Martha's answer to a question about her credentials automatically generates the question, "what if Sarah Palin had said that?"

Coakley's facebook group appears to be an abandoned or forgotten page created to support Coakley in the Democratic primary. The administrators have joined a multitude of liberal groups on facebook and the discussion page for the group seems to have been started back in September. The topics clearly signal an intention to support Coakley. Conservatives seem to have taken over the page and use it to post the many reasons voters should vote for Brown. Some are really quite humorous but also very informative.

Coakley's bona fide facebook page  has attracted a number of conservative members who have joined so they can argue against voting for Coakley as well.  This exchange in particular is positively screaming for a rebuttal.  Perhaps I will send it to one of the conservatives already in the group rather than actually joining the group myself (cringe).   

Coakley has  fewer supporters than Brown and many more there just to make the point voting for her would be a disaster for Massachusetts and the country.  If her page is representative, there are a scarce few who seem highly motivated to elect her.  Clearly she has advantages in a state like Massachusetts, motivated voters don't appear to be among her assets.

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