Monday, February 8, 2010

Andrea Mitchell Has Never Recovered From the Balloon Attack

Via Memeorandum

More of the utterly absurd "Hand Jive" from the equally absurd Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell thinks the hand notes were the one of the most interesting thing to come from Palin's tea party speech. Color me shocked by the news.  Women are so supportive of other women as a general rule and of course Andrea Mitchell has been unbiased in her coverage of Palin so far hasn't she?

Credit to Chuck Todd for at least trying to defend Palin by saying, "we've all done notes."  Andrea, of course, is not to be steered from her Palin bashing fun.  Has Andrea been harboring a grudge since she was attacked by those GOP balloons after Palin's nomination speech or are there different rules when it comes to covering Sarah Palin?

Sometimes those jokes just write themselves don't they Andrea?

For More: See Palin Exposes Mysogeny in Democratic Base, Again

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