Monday, February 1, 2010

Illinois Primary Tomorrow - Andrzejewski Gets Big Endorsements

The Other McCain has been hot on coverage of the Illinois primary elections tomorrow.   In his latest article The American Spectator, McCain notes the Andrzejewski campaign for Governor has caught fire with conservatives online:
The Andrzejewski campaign has caught fire with conservatives online -- including Red State, Andrew Breitbart's, First Things blogger Jim Hoft and Glenn Reynold's Instapundit mega-blog -- and the candidate was featured last week on Andrew Napolitano's Fox Business Channel program. That kind of New Media coverage has helped compensate for the paucity of attention the campaign has received from traditional media in Illinois.
Rush Limbaugh threw his support behind  Andrzejewski eliciting a "Holy Mackerel" from the candidate:
"We're gonna win this race . . . That's got to be the closer," said Andrzejewski, whose GOP gubernatorial campaign was also reportedly endorsed today by Glenn Beck on the eve of tomorrow's primary. "It's a historical election for Illinois. Nothing like this has ever happened here before."
Andrzejewski had another high profile endorsement over the weekend when Lech Walesa flew in to throw his support behind Andrzewjewski.  The Other McCain has audio of Limbaugh, Walesa and Glenn Beck endorsing Andrzejewski.  Amusing Bunni has a report after attending a Chicago tea party rally and links to local news coverage of the event as well.

It seems Andrzejewski is building momentum going into election day which is often key in determining the outcome of a race.  Recent polls in the seven person race for the Republican nomination are tight:

Though the polls show McKenna with a lead, Anne Leary at Backyard Conservative reported McKenna violated the party's code of ethics by commissioning the poll without obtaining GOP State Central Committee's approval. The poll leaned a bit heavy toward favoring McKenna which would make the results at least somewhat questionable. The violation was exposed by another candidate Dan Proft who has the support of Anne Leary whose opinion I certainly respect.  I would add that after reading Anne's links on Proft he certainly does seem to be a strong candidate.

Adam Brickley at Race4 2012 has more recent poll information and analysis including a recent internal poll from the weekend showing Andrejewski within two points of the lead.  Though this is an internal poll Brickley thinks this may be an accurate picture considering the dynamics of the race.  There are a large number of undecided voters who could be Tea Partiers deciding between Proft and Andrzejewski or "downstate" conservative deciding between Andrejewski and Brady.  I guess we'll see tomorrow night how they voted in the most important poll, the election itself.

Final note, Anne Leary mentions the winner may have the pleasure of facing Alexi Giannoulias, the banker who bankrolled Obama along with Tony Rezko:
 Alexi Giannoulias, who bankrolled Barack Obama early on....along with Tony Rezko...who hasn't been sentenced yet by the way. He's been sitting in jail for over a year now....

...and Blago's trial starts in June. A nice prelude to the election in the fall.
Should be fascinating to watch that all play out.

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