Saturday, February 27, 2010

#Liberalmovies and LOL's

A few of the #liberalmovies highlights from Twitter

Femme Patriot Dirty Harry Reid
Anthropocon  The Taxorcist
Snarkandboobs Terms of Appeasement
AlKennedy Crouching Liberal, Hidden tax hike
SooperMexican One flew over the constitution
ResistTyranny Dances With Deficits
Im_bonafide Who Framed Rangel Rabbit?

Plus a double feature round up of LOL's around the blogosphere:

Security in Action at Health Care Summit

What's He Thinking?

What's Al Gore Doing on Apple's Board Anyway and Uh Oh They're Onto You Al

More Cowbell

Weekend at Barry's

Live Snarking the Health Care Smack Down

Not an LOL but a real Blood Boiling post

Totally Unnecessary “Nugget” From The Blair House Kabuki Political Theatre

The Taxman   and Jedi Squirrels

Two Feet of Snow

Barry is a Bust

Blair House Reject

More Friday Funnies

Tea Parties in the UK

Move Along Nothing to See

That Wacky Liberal Logic

A closet conservative meets kindred spiritstea parties and potluck suppers  can't be far behind can they?

Two polls 23,000 jobs and a joke

Beck's Babies Petition Mr. Pwesident - If you haven't heard this you must, it's hilarious.

LOL Sunday Funnies

Today's Delusional Moment Brought to you by ....

If something is going to derail you from rounding up the summit coverage it might as well be a boob war

Round up everything from media bias to booger boarding Max Blumenthal.  Was he hitting Hannah Giles?

Oh my God, My Cat's A Democrat - sad but true.  Still the cat has an extraordinary name.


  1. That Weekend at Barry's things is completely hysterical. I'm still smiling! Thanks for the nod (link, you know), and I certainly needed the giggles. :)

  2. Thanks for the link. You crack me up!


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