Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pretty Powerful Pixels, I Must Say - Patrick Kennedy Not Seeking Another Term

On February 6, 2010 Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection fame declared his new project would be ensuring Patrick Kennedy must go:
Patrick Kennedy is my new Martha Coakley, with the difference that Martha Coakley had some accomplishments in her life prior to running for the Senate, and generally was a nice person (although some of her campaign tactics were not so nice). Patrick Kennedy, by contrast, has accomplished almost nothing in his life, is an embarrassment, and is not a nice person.
We cannot let the First Congressional District in Rhode Island turn into "the Kennedy seat." Not with this Kennedy.

Patrick Kennedy must go, and I'll do whatever is within the power of the pixels which inhabit this blog to make it so.
Well, word must have reached Patrick Kennedy that the good professor who had made it his mission to put Scott Brown in the "Kennedy seat," decided to turn his powerful pixels on Kennedy.   Lo and behold, it appears  Kennedy has thought better of his decision to seek a 9th term in the House.

Perhaps Professor Jacobson could turn those pixels loose on another Patrick, as in Murphy (PA-8), Pelosi lap dog extraordinaire, who is suddenly a "Born Again Blue Dog".   It is time for these shameless Democrats to be shown the door.

UPDATE: Here we go, already there is an announcement Kennedy won't be seeking reelection:

UPDATE:Great minds think alike LOL.


  1. Perhaps this is the end of the Kennedy hold on America, but they all have so many children...

  2. Oh no there is a bad sequel to look forward to. Revenge of the Kennedys: The Next Generation. Just when were thinking it might be safe to go back in the water.


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