Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs for Sex Offenders: It's a Good Thing!

Via Memeorandum
Politico has the text of an amendment introduced by Senator Tom Coburn as part of the  GOP strategy to force Democrats to make some awful votes (in an election year) just to avoid sending the health care bill back to the House for another vote.   Senator Coburn gets serious props for the creativity put into this amendment:
No Erectile Dysfunction Drugs To Sex Offenders – This amendment would enact recommendations from the Government Accountability Office to stop fraudulent payments for prescription drugs prescribed by dead providers or, to dead patients. This amendment also prohibits coverage of Viagra and other ED medications to convicted child molesters, rapists, and sex offenders, and prohibits coverage of abortion drugs. (Note: the creation of exchanges could allow sex offenders to receive taxpayer-funded Viagra and other ED drugs unless Congress expressly prohibits this action – see additional background attached)
Watching Democrats vote against a ban on coverage of erectile dysfunction prescription drugs for rapists might be just the group therapy we need while we wait for the Supreme Court challenges to begin.  I have to applaud the inclusion of a provision to prohibit fraudulent prescriptions being written by dead providers to dead patients.  Lovely ads those will make this year when Senator Blanche Lincoln casts her vote against this masterful amendment.

Allahpundit  makes an excellent point as he explains what's in store for Democrats:
So anything the GOP proposes — anything — they’re basically bound to vote no on. And Coburn knows it. One tasty shinola sandwich, coming up! Although I’m confused: If, as the left has convinced itself, ObamaCare is pure win for them politically (see, e.g., today’s ridiculously overhyped Gallup poll), what’s the aversion to another House vote? In fact, why not ping-pong the bill back and forth between the chambers for another month, loading it up with ever more crowd-pleasing amendments? It’s time to own the glorious political victory that looms in November, liberals.
 Democrats should relish the opportunity to cast another vote for the still wildly unpopular health care bill they dare the GOP to make an issue of in the midterm elections.  Can we play poker with these liberals sometime?    How long before we see a Hitler finds out Harry Reid supports Viagra for Rapists parody?  The over/under for the “Why does Harry Reid want to give rapists erections”? video is two days after this vote.  I'd expect the Hitler parody to hit about the same time.


  1. Well I can Amen no ED drugs. You are right. This will be interesting.

  2. This is all fun and stuff but does the Senate really even have to pass the Reconciliation bill? Dems already have Obamacare as the law of the land, Barry signed it yesterday. Reid and Pelosi can just say "F-it" to any more HC votes and move on to Cap & Tax and and complete nationalization of the banking industry.

    Barry already dissed Stupak on his EO. What recourse do House Dems have if Reid ditches their Reconciliation bill? None, right?

  3. No Chris, the damage has already been done of course. The only reason they have to do this is to get rid of the stuck the Dems are stuck with like the Cornhusker kickback. I totally understand being outraged at this because the Dems are just that awful. They are completely lying when they say they are glad to run on this though as the effort to avoid another vote in the House proves.

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