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More Vaporous Threats on the Left - Patrick Murphy Earning Murtha's Seat

Greg Sargent challenges whether Rep. Eric Cantor "jumped the gun" in referencing a bullet shot through his campaign office window during a press conference on Thursday.  Sargent questioned Cantor's spokesperson Brad Dayspring making continual reference to a police report that concluded the incident was an "act of random gunfire."  Sargent presses Dayspring on details of Cantor's statement in light of the conclusions from the police investigation in a "what did he know and when did he know it" report including whether details of the bullet's trajectory had been discussed with police prior to Cantor's press conference.  This is the hard-line investigative journalism that gave Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford the opportunity to portray Woodward and Bernstein in "All the President's Men" after all.

Contrast Sargent's hard-hitting investigative reporting with that of The Philadelphia Inquirer" report on "threats" to Congressman Patrick Murphy (D PA-8) after he voted for the health care legislation last week:
U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy has received threats since voting for the health-care overhaul last Sunday night but there have been no acts of vandalism against his home or his district offices, a spokeswoman for the congressman said today.

Kate E. Hansen declined to disclose details of the incidents, which she said are under investigation by the FBI and the Capitol Police, the agency charged with protecting members of Congress.

"It's being handled," Hansen said.
 The very last line of the Inquirer report adds, "Local police said they had no recent reports of vandalism at Murphy's district offices in Bristol Borough and Doylestown Borough, nor at his home."  Funny how that works out, no police report, no hard-hitting investigative journalism.

The report goes on to mention the "flurry of threats" and includes a quote from Rep. Bob Brady (D PA) who is "a little worried about people going home now - there are going to be a lot of town hall meetings."  It will come as no surprise to Patrick Murphy's constituents there would be no quote from Murphy let alone one referencing town hall meeting.  Murphy only conducts town halls via telephone with the able assistance of  the AARP.  Still, one wonders, did the Inquirer attempt to obtain a quote from Murphy and why the inclusion of one from Brady.  Is Brady an easier "get" now that Murphy has been given the nod for a seat on the Appropriations Committee vacant since the death of his mentor John Murtha?

It would be shocking had there been  any credible reports to police of acts of vandalism or violence to Congressman Murphy's offices or  residence.  His constituents fully expected him to vote with Speaker Pelosi as he always does.  Still, Congressman "Patlosi," as he is known locally, mentioned listening to thousands of his constituents when announcing his decision to vote for the bill despite the obstructionist strategies by national tea party groups evidently designed solely to prevent Murphy from hearing from constituents who opposed the health care bill. Murphy's spokesperson Kate Hansen  explained their phones were jammed with tea party phone calls when pressed for an explanation why constituents who opposed the bill were unable to get through to voice concern:
 "These calls are not organic and are being organized by a number of different national tea party activist groups that are executing an obstructionist strategy to deliberately prevent offices from functioning as they're supposed to (and) be able to accept feedback from constituents."
We are asked to believe then only pro-reform calls and inorganic tea party calls got through to Murphy's office.  These are the pro forma explanations Congressman Murphy's constituents have come to expect and are rarely disappointed.

Further complicating Murphy's ability to listen to his constituents was a power failure that forced his Doylestown PA office  to close for several hours the Monday prior to the vote.  You can read this on the sign posted on the door to his office quite plainly thanks to the light shining behind the sign.  I guess tea party folks in Florida and Texas were behind that obstruction as well.

To say that Hansen and Murphy have something of a credibility problem is a bit of an understatement.  Still, Murphy's alleged threats get none of the scrutiny that Cantor's statement enjoys.   Cantor's office had a bullet penetrate the window at some trajectory and the left all but calls on Arlen Specter to reassemble the Warren Commission.

Congressman Murphy, through his spokesperson, advances another vaporous threat, without a shred of evidence, as contribution to the growing liberal narrative those who oppose health care are dangerous.  The media laps it up and regurgitates without question.  Never let it be said Murphy isn't doing his part for the cause.    This is a fact that is widely known locally.  Murphy doesn't concern himself with local opinion, however, his loyalty is saved for Nancy Pelosi.  Murphy will be richly rewarded after having proven himself loyal and every bit as worthy as John Murtha to fill that coveted seat on the Appropriations Committee.   It would be a pity if Democrats "jumped the gun" and presumed Murphy re-elected before voters have their say in November.


  1. Mary Sue: The light behind the sign is from all the candles! You know how “efficient” our Pennsylvanian politicians are! LOL!

    I’d really like to see some “evidence” on these “allegations” of right-wing violence. Don’t get me wrong, I abhor violence, but I don’t believe it’s right to blame someone or a political party without evidence.

    Great article. I'm currently working on a post about the "violence" issue.

  2. Hi Pamela,

    I just added your blog to my blogroll, we Pennsylvanians must stick together. I am looking forward to your post on the violence issue.

    I think no one would consider violence a rational response even to the outrageous passage of this health care bill. I have seen no credible evidence as yet supporting the narrative the left is putting forth at every opportunity. Wouldn't it be reasonable to expect at least one to make it into a police report?

  3. Mary Sue: Thanks for the honor of the blogroll!

    Yes, one, with a rational brain that is, would THINK that these "acts" would make it into police reports.

    The police have to report EVERY incident, even if they are called for a barking dog, as I know because I've called the police due to my neighbor's barking dog. They ask for my name, phone # and they already have my address since they come to my house. It's all typed back at the station. I also know this because my brother is a cop.

    So, if the police are called to a Congress person's office, even for something suspicious, there would be a report and it would be on file.

  4. Carlineo4congressMarch 28, 2010 at 8:02 AM

    The only sign I saw on his office this weekend was a pink slip taped to the window. Gloria will clean his clock come November!! Please check out her website and see where/when you can come meet her.

  5. Murphy is as dumb as a rock and no "blue dog". I hope the folks in PA8 wake up and send him packing. Either way, we should watch, intensely, his life from here on out. I expect he is going to do very well for himself financially.


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