Monday, March 22, 2010

Patrick Kennedy is All Choked up About ObamaCare

Lucky me, day one of ObamaCare and I come down with a virus. Well, better today than a year from now I guess and this is not likely to be one of those things that I would end up seeing a doctor for anyway. I feel immensely relieved about ObamaCare, however, after watching this video of Patches Kennedy explaining how the sun shines out of Obama's every orifice and the all that is wrong in the world is now made right by making a new middle class entitlement which we can't afford.

Interesting that Rep. Kennedy focuses on those denied medical treatment. I seem to recall one Mary Jo Kopechne was denied medical treatment or am I mistaken.  It was probably because in those pre-ObamaCare days being a woman was still a pre-existing condition. Well, it was that or his father wasn't exactly the saint the Democrats would have us all believe. Listen to Patches as he babbles on about his father, Obama and lies of the health insurers. He gets riled up at the end though gives an emotional statement on how proud his father would be of Obama. The clincher though is his praise of St. Nancy of Assisi at the very end. I hope mental illness is covered in ObamaCare.  There are more than a few who seem to be in dire need of help, Patches most of all:

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  1. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. I thought I was gonna be sick. Feel better soon Mary, I sure did miss your numerous postings today!


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