Monday, March 8, 2010

A Young Conservative's Reaction to Obama's Health Care Speech

'Special guest post by Kelly Stavrides who I mentioned quite a bit in my report on Obama's health care speech today at Arcadia University. Kelly was an enormous help in getting tickets so I could cover today's event.  Beyond that, Kelly is an accomplished student who represents her school in Model UN events literally all over the world.  She will be representing her school in a Model UN over Spring break.  Kelly is a talented actress as well, she had a leading role in the University's production of "The Vagina Monologues," as you can see in her picture below.  Kelly will be getting her Masters and then hopes to go on to law school.  I am thrilled she expressed an interest in giving voice to her reaction to today's health care speech.  Without further ado, heeeeere's Kelly:

Today marked the second day that I waited in line for over four hours, all to see the President make a speech about health care reform.  After waiting in line on Saturday for seven hours to get a ticket I decided to get in line and wait for four and a half more hours today.  The general attitude of the students was giddy and punch-drunk.  I wasn’t, unfortunately, able to see many protestors as that would have required that I leave the line and after waiting for so long I was determined to see this speech.

What I did see was the numerous VIPs walking in the doors whenever they pleased.  A group of well-dressed women were let in the doors in front of my friends and me.  I guess they had golden tickets.  Once I entered the building and got through security we were given the choice to sit on the bleachers or stand.  Choosing to stand offered a better view but it also meant that I was literally surrounded by the President’s sycophants.  I do not use this term lightly.  If a person chooses to support the President all I ask is that they are well-informed with distinct opinions.

A little later my favorite blogger and her daughter joined me.  A very curious thing about where we were standing was that there was a cordoned off section directly in front of us that hadn’t started to fill until about 10:00.  Later it began to fill with SEIU members and other VIPs.  Obviously the mystery of the 1200 tickets that the administration requested for their own use was solved.  If anyone is wondering, Arcadia was given about 500 tickets to give out.  Chaka Fattah’s father was standing next to me.  I really don’t think he camped out on Saturday.  The SEIU members started a chant later:  “What do we want? Healthcare!”  It sounded much more distinct in person.

 I must say that is was pretty cool to see the President of the United States, especially given how close he was.  But that wore off pretty quickly.  I don’t think I clapped at all during that speech (which was giving the Secret Service Agent near me the willies).  The level of frenetic excitement in that gym was amazing.  The way that President spun the speech was masterful though.  The bit about the Congressional Budget Office will make a particularly lovely sound bite, particularly if no one looks behind the smoke and mirrors presented for the CBO to score.  President Obama isn't likely to present the harsh truth that this plan will result in a $2.7 trillion increase not the decrease in the deficit he claimed.

Near the end of his speech the President asked three questions to his audience: “How many people would like a proposal that holds insurance companies more accountable?  How many people would like to give Americans the same insurance choices that members of Congress get?  And how many would like a proposal that brings down costs for everyone?”  I thought more appropriate questions would have gone something like this:  “How many people want a health care system that will ration care?  How many people want a plan that I’m not even signing my family up for?  How many people want reform that will cut Medicare payments and drive taxes and debt up?

I highly doubt these questions will be asked though.  There were people at the event who have no idea about the truth of health care reform.  There have been quite a few jokes from my friends about my being converted into an Obamaniac after seeing him speak.  I am proud to say that is absolutely wrong.

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  1. I was there too.... and yes, it was cool to be in such close proximity to the Prez. But like you, it did wear off quick. I have a question. Are they setting him for something bad? I mean I am not the only one who thinks the security was horrible. I had no ticket. I wanted to see the snipers on the roof tops. And security person asked if we had tickets, to which was responded "No, just scoping things out." He asks if we want to go in. We say okay. He points us to the front door and there is no line and they are handing out tickets. We walk in, and I am forced to relinquish my coffee mug, as I might throw it at him. Then place my metal things on a table, belt not included. I walk throught the metal detectors. Nothing! Even with the metal belt buckle on. No ID check either. Hmmmmm. Then I heard from a friend. This what they said: "I work across from the Naval Airbase where Air Force One flew in and out of today- the security was unusually lax there as well... they didn't even close that section of Easton Road like they usually do when it flies in or out... "
    I was 25 feet directly in front of the President.
    Okay, onto other things, he mentioned "the largest tax cut to the middle class ever". Well First of all being the only person in the country to have final say on tax rates, a tax credit is nothing close to a tax cut. And if you want his tax credit, then you have to wait for both tax hikes (proposed 39.6%) are implemented with a corresponding reduction in the effective rate for deductions (28% proposed). So, in other words, they will raise taxes more than any other time in history for the middle class before they give you a minimal credit on your taxes.
    Sounds like not such a good plan to me.
    If like he says, and the insurance industry is a monopoly, then break it up like you did with the phone company, the cable companies and introduce some competition. Just think, if the government did the same thing to the computer world, they would have spent a trillion dollars to take over a multi-billion dollar company and run it into the ground. MMMMMmmmmm No thanx Washington.

  2. This is a fantastic post. I admire your independent thinking (and obvious intellect). Those are indeed the questions that should be asked. Did you see Charles Krauthammer's article about the ice cream and steak? Very good illustration of why and how we can "like the parts" but not the delivery system or the hidden agenda.

  3. You just got a taste of the new healthcare. Wait and wait, but special people get special entrance.

    His slogan should be "County Health for all" (except my friends)

  4. Sorry, Mary Sue! But all fixed now over at my place!


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