Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Harry Reid: "Now that the legislation has passed, it's amazing how much different people's attitude is"

I think someone needs to investigate whether there has been tampering with the water supply in the Democrats' chambers in Congress. Harry Reid must be suffering from some mass delusional disorder that might best be explained by ingesting hallucinatory substances. Failing that, they have come to believe their own spin. Let's be honest, it is really powerful spin. As a cost saving measure, I have heard they are considering using it as a replacement drug in methadone clinics. I hope they informed the CBO, maybe they can rescore the bill with Democratic hallucinatory spin as a replacement for anaesthesia too.

 In a half hour interview with Greta Van Sustern Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid explains at approximately the 20 minute mark the health care bill is really really popular now. Reid answers Greta's question how did he explain the unpopularity of the bill. Reid blamed a very vocal minority for spreading lies or something. From there he takes a one way trip to fantasy land and doesn't return. People are stopping him to thank him, sending him notes in Church, and even Republicans are acknowledging how great the bill is though might want to make, you know, a minor change or two.

These were not the only excursions to fantasy land in the interview either. I bet you didn't know that Harry Reid's polls in Nevada are actually pretty good. Only one newspaper is trying to make them look grim. Harry needs to clean his glasses, he seems to be missing the news:
According to the new poll, fully 62% of Nevadans think it would be a good thing if most incumbents up for reelection across these United States lost this coming November.

An identical 62% of Nevadans also think it would be a good thing if President Obama's recently signed healthcare legislation was repealed; that figure is slightly higher than the national repeal rate.

Unfortunately for Nevada's five-term, 70-year-old senior Sen. Harry Reid, he is not only an....

... incumbent up for reelection this year, he was one of the top driving forces behind Obama's unpopular healthcare legislation. It appears he's going to need those millions from two Obama fundraisers in-state.
Denial Harry, it ain't just a river in Egypt.

Via Gateway Pundit
For more fear and loathing with Harry Reid, take a look at this shorter segment taken from the longer interview above. Reid tries to make the case that the Cornhusker Kickback was really his secret plan to get the same deal for every state. Greta doesn't seem to be buying that one. Of course, if you have the time to watch the whole trip into Harry Reid's delusional world the entire interview is pretty amazing. It almost feels as though it should come with 3D glasses, it is just that trippy an adventure.

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