Friday, April 9, 2010

Liz Cheney and Highlights from SRLC

Liz Cheney gave a great speech tonight at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. The Right Scoop caught the highlight of a speech filled with zingers aimed directly at this administration and as you will see the media wasn't spared.

Via Memeorandum
Coverage of the conference contains some novel criticisms from the media. Politico couldn't resist the opportunity to remind readers of Bush's failures during Hurricane Katrina using the New Orleans setting as an opening:
Five years after President Bush's failed response to a natural disaster in New Orleans deeply damaged his party's credibility and helped sweep them from power, top Republicans speaking to supporters in New Orleans tonight made no mention of Hurricane Katrina.
The post notes the city has rebounded but the population remains 75% of what it was 10 years ago. Having my roots in upstate Pennsylvania I remember the devastation of Hurricane Agnes in 1972. Thirty seven years later the city is still a shadow of its former self. That's quite a testimony for the Democratic leadership and economic policies that have had control of government there ever since. New Orleans Democratic Mayor Ray Nagin hands off keys to the city to Mary Landrieu's brother Mitch but it is Bush who continues to be tied to the failures of the city during a time of crisis.

Politico ends the post with two quotes I am sure were intended for irony:
"Nothing makes people more convinced of the rightness of conservative causes than seeing the alternative in action," said Cheney.
Said Watts, "History’s going to be kind to George W. Bush."
Well Politico really nailed the right with those quotes.  Consider me mortally wounded and moving on.   On a positive note CNN continues its' shock and awe strategy of covering the news from the right without bias.  CNN reported on Sarah Palin's dinner out in New Orleans in the private dining room at the acclaimed John Besh restaurant August
Palin shared a meal with Cathy Maples, a Huntsville, Alabama resident who bid $63,500 in an online last September to win a dinner with the governor. The proceeds of that auction went to Road2Recovery, a charity that assists wounded veterans. Besh donated the cost of the meal to the cause.

The chef, himself a former Marine, served several of the courses and shared stories of his service in the military, according to the aide. Palin and Besh also chatted about Hurricane Katrina's impact on the city - a topic that went unmentioned during the opening night of the SRLC on Thursday.
Ok we'll be waiting for Politico to post an update with the news that Sarah Palin discussed the impact of Katrina on the city.  Waiting, and waiting and waiting.  

While you're waiting, The Other McCain and Nice Deb are covering the conference live.

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