Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pelosi: Why no, all that campaign money from Wall Street doesn't influence the Democrats

First things first, it sure looks to me like the Baroness of Botox treated herself to a recent treatment or two. Reward for all her heavy lifting passing that health care legislation? I haven't seen eyebrows that highly arched since Faye Dunaway took to the silver screen in her portrayal of Joan "no wire hangers" Crawford.

Now to the relevant news. Speaker Dearest was asked about the Democrats' considerable reliance on Wall Street to fill their campaign coffers and whether those campaign dollars have the potential to buy influence as Democrats seek to regulate the financial markets. The swamp-drainer herself issued a stutteringly unconvincing response:
At her weekly press conference, Pelosi said Democrats don't reward bankers for the money they pour into campaign coffers.

"They don't get anything, because the fact is, the Democrats are leading the regulatory reform," she said.

Financial firms have been giving more money to Democrats than Republicans in recent year--not unexpected, since Demcorats are in the majority--but Pelosi said her party isn't beholden to its contributors.

"It doesn't matter" that Wall Street has given more to Democrats, she said. "What matters is what the policy is that we put forth here. And our policy, regardless of contribution, is to rein in Wall Street."
I am guessing Pelosi thought better of admitting Wall Street has been plying Dems with money in recent years. Pelosi's decides to walk that part back a bit though it doesn't play as "smoothly" on video as it does in print. The crux of her message is all that money buys Wall Street "nothing." Perhaps Wall Street should reconsider filling the Democratic coffers if their money gives them no influence. Surely the Wall Street types don't believe that, however, why else would they continue to line Democratic pockets?

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