Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Round Up of Links

Gail Collins Pens Another Incoherent Screed on Palin  - Pat Austin is back from the Obama flu and in rare form

More Obama Ayers Confirmation - Anne Leary is the resident expert on the connection

A Cheap Political Stunt - more the rule than the exception these days

Pundette's Saturday "Various and Sundry" post is soup to nuts assortment of the best of the blogosphere.

Covering the tragedy in Poland American PowerThe BlogprofQuite RightlyReaganite Republican, and The Daley Gator

On the greatest asset to the Republican party Carol's Closet and Bride of Rove and more from The Daley Gator

Fishersville Mike on the Palin power performance in New Orleans

Liberal Delusions vs Reality - there is nothing fuzzy about this logic.

From Maggie's Notebook The Difference Between Boys and Girls Part 2Political Junkie Mom weighs in as well.

Mind Numbed Robot has the highlights of the Sarah and Michelle road show.

No Sheeples has the scoop on the latest third party threat - it's not the tea partiers.

The Camp of the Saints has had enough of Michael Steele.

The Troglopundit has a cartoon that quotes The Bard himself, this is a recipe for awesome.

Obi's Sister finds Obama consistent in his inconsistency.

Chris at Wyblog is back from Disney and has uncovered a secret.

A whole buffet of great posts over at Potluck recently:


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