Friday, May 21, 2010

FMJRA Roundup: Hardcore Gore and More

While investors worried over the falling value of the Euro this week, I personally was thankful.  My daughter spent the last 10 days in Spain.  As she is a college student, Mom and Dad spotted the spending money for the trip.  Needless to say the exchange rates were quite favorable.  She will be landing around noon at JFK and I can't wait to hear about the trip.  I hope she decided to take my advice and passed on seeing a bull fight while she was there.  American Power has gruesome photos and a video of a popular Spanish bullfighter who was gored by a bull.   I saw a bull fight in Acapulco many years ago.  It was gruesome but not quite as gruesome as the one American Power described.

While my daughter is heading home, I have lots to do around the house including unpacking the rest of the many many things she had crammed in a dorm room at school.  I have plenty of yard work to catch up on as well.  For those looking for interesting posts to read, here are a few links to some great posts by my friends in the blogosphere.  I am sure I will check in with more when I am looking to take a break from the Saturday chores.

No finer read for a Saturday than a Paco parody.  Paco finds Goreture is worse than torture.
“No! Anything but this! Waterboarding! I demand to be waterboarded! Even better- I’ll just tell you everything you want to know right now!” The FBI men stood motionless, each gripping one of Shahzad’s arms, as Gore relentlessly plodded through his prepared remarks.
Read the rest as they say.

As mentioned above American Power has the scoop on the bullfighter gored by a bull .

Speaking of bull - Obama delivered remarks in the Rose Garden after the Senate voted for cloture on the financial regulation legislation yesterday.  Rodents were spotted scurrying away demanding they be waterboarded rather than endure the boreture.  Sister Toldjah and No Sheeples  have more.

Beware of rogue Catholics wearing rosary beads, they're dangerous to schools you know.  Sentence the hardcore criminal to goreture or boreture for daring to wear a religious item in memory of a brother and uncle who passed away.  Honestly, where do they find these people to run schools?

Fishersville Mike linked an interesting item posted by Troglopundit.  A small businessman discovers ObamaCare is nothing but "bait and switch."

Wyblog  spots the latest entry for the "you can't make this stuff up" category.

The Daley Gator  loves when Republicans stand up and show some spine.  Adrienne calls this five minutes of pure joy.

There are many items posted over at Potluck and more from the ladies at their blogs:
Bunni takes note of election ads gone wild.

Bride of Rove wonders how cool that Obama bash was the other night.  She seems less than impressed the Obamas partied while the world burned.

The Blogprof has a terrific roundup of interesting posts including many I haven't had a chance to read myself.   I will have plenty to read when I get back to the computer.

I am sure there is more but for now I am off to tame the wilds of my backyard.

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    Our college girl did a trip to Italy between her sophomore and junior years. It definitely broadens their horizons.


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