Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fireworks, $250,000 in Jewelry, and a Vegan Cake - Oh My

What is a vegan cake you ask, never fear all the lavish details are here:
At some point during the ceremony, there will be a fireworks display along the Hudson River, and the ever-conscientious Clintons have made contingency plans in the event of a power outage. "Apparently, they have an army of electricians and carpenters in case there is a thunderstorm and the lights go out," said Jim Langan, executive editor of the Hudson Valley News. "Electricians have been told to wear tuxedos." Chelsea will be draped in $250,000 worth of jewelry, and—if her recent trip to the Vera Wang boutique in New York City is any indication—will likely don a Vera Wang dress at some point. Hillary is rumored to be wearing Oscar de la Renta, a favorite of hers who she's worn to dozens of public events and fancier affairs like inaugural balls. Bryan Rafanelli, the head of Rafanelli Events, is the wedding planner and Laura Pensiero, one of Oprah Winfrey's favorite chefs, is rumored to be the event's caterer. Post-ceremony, the guests will nosh on a gluten-free vegan cake. And $15,000 is being spent on portable toilets.
Well if one must eat cake it might as well be of the gluten-free vegan sort I guess.  No word on who designed the tuxedos electricians were required to wear.  I do wonder who was responsible for the unfortunate dress Hillary chose to wear to the rehearsal dinner.  There is absolutely nothing flattering about that dress.  A good designer could have or should have led her away from this choice.  Anyone spotting a designer claiming that fiasco gets to keep the bouquet.

After nearly two years of the Obama administration, I certainly have a greater appreciation for the Clintons.  This does not mean I am willing to buy the media meme Chelsea's wedding is "the closest thing we have to an American royal wedding."   Jenna Bush received no such distinction when she married during her father's term in office and we did have that whole revolution thing a couple hundred years ago.   Nevertheless, here's hoping the bride and groom have many happy years together.


  1. This whole wedding is nausea producing. As to that dress? It looks like stuff I wore around the house in the 80's. Can you say "crinkle cotton made in India? Surely she could have done better.

  2. It is pretty nauseating isn't it? I actually feel a bit bad for Hillary though. If they spent the rumored $5 million on this wedding someone should have given her advice on what not to wear.


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