Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Did Elizabeth Crum Just Say That Out Loud?

Via Memeorandum

Elizabeth Crum at the conservative National Review offers an assist to liberals riding the "we may be incompetent but they're crazy" train to re-election.  Crum offers a crumb from Sharron Angle's interview with Campaign Carl Cameron and wonders, "Did She Just Say that Out Loud?"  Cameron, who is no stranger to stupid statements himself, hams up the exchange with incredulity - feigned or genuine - you decide:

Why in the world would Cameron have difficulty with the concept the press could be a friend to a candidate? Did he miss the whole Barack Obama election? Perhaps Angle was just being honest in admitting she would like a little of the loving adoration the press offered the least qualified man to seek the presidency of these 57 United States.

Notice she wasn't too crazy or stupid to work in a plea for campaign contributions during the exchange. As we were supposed to have learned from the Shirley Sharrod incident, context matters.  Elizabeth Crum offers none here. Truth be told, Angle is perfectly capable of giving a great speech. She also manages to get in a few zingers against her critics who wait breathlessly for her to make any mistake:
Angle, accused of avoiding the media, made light of the criticism when she lost her voice and breath for a few moments early in her 20-minute speech.

"I've been running from the press so much," Angle joked after drinking some water, drawing a round of applause and laughter from the luncheon gathering inside Cili Restaurant at the Bali Hai Golf Course south of Mandalay Bay.

Angle said she had done more than 100 interviews in more than 50 days, although she didn't mention that most of them have been with conservative radio and TV programs.

"I've been doing so many interviews. Because of that, I sometimes lose my voice," she said. "One day I did 15 interviews. It does kind of get to your vocal cords."
 Giving that many speeches and interviews a candidate is bound to offer up a gaffe or two.  Still, Angle has managed to get by without saying anything as egregiously stupid and dangerous as this pre-planned statement by the most powerful man in the Senate.

Gird your loins folks, it's going to be a long 90 days before we know the outcome of this election.  "God willing we are going to win, but it is not going to be an easy ride watching the left and the media pounce on every molehill from the mouth of Sharron Angle.    As Dan Riehl notes, they've already managed to discredit one conservative woman from Nevada while the right stood by and watched it unfold.  The left certainly doesn't need our help and we will have plenty of work ahead cleaning the Augean Stables when the 111th Congress is finally run out of town.


  1. "Notice she wasn't too crazy or stupid to work in a plea for campaign contributions during the exchange."

    "Angle continued: "And when I get on a show, and I say, 'Send money to,' so that your listeners will know that if they want to support me they need to go to""

  2. Exactly my point Anonymous. She managed to get her point in while Campaign Carl was busy being a ham.

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