Monday, August 16, 2010

Melissa Bean brings a bouncer to control town hall meeting

Now we know why Melissa Bean needed to charge a $25 admission fee for Chicago-style town hall meetings; she needed to pay the bouncer:

Perhaps Congresswoman Bean is unable to return tainted Charlie Rangel donations in order to pay the bouncer and the man who leans in the face of anyone asking uncomfortable questions. Dan Riehl reports these men were members of the library security team:
After a closed-door, pre-event meeting between Rep Melissa Bean (D) Il-8 and staff of the Round Lake Area Public Library, a man alleged to be the hulking head of library security repeatedly took an intimidating stance, standing over questioners who raised controversial issues. Other library management attempted to dissuade an attendee from video taping what was purportedly a public townhall event. Rather than stop the intimidation, Bean appeared rather pleased with it based upon her smiling acknowledgment.
Is that bouncer thug a Round Lake Public Library employee?  That must be one tough library.

Bean is likely one of the few Dems holding any type of town hall meeting these days.  Her R+1 Illinois district is currently listed as likely Democratic though it is considered in play.   Bean has a  huge war chest to fend off a challenge from Joe Walsh.  I guess she feels as though she can get away with intimidating anyone who dares challenge and videotape her town hall meeting.  We'll just see about that in November, unless of course Melissa Bean plans to bring her bouncers to the polls.  

UPDATE: I remembered hearing Congresswoman Bean's reasoning for shutting off recording of the event somewhere else. Back in May Patrick Murphy suggested it was necessary to meet with every constituent individually rather than hold a town hall event citing their need to discuss private matters. Notice that Congresswoman Bean brings a presentation on credit cards then demands videotaping be stopped so individuals can discuss private credit card concerns. Additionally she uses this presentation to avoid taking direct questions from the crowd during the balance of the town hall event. These Democrats will do anything to avoid taking questions from their constituents en masse. Murphy, incidentally, has not scheduled any town hall events since the challenge back in May he do so.

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  1. The bunker strategy killed Bean’s re-election bid. Now she can go back to her consulting job, using her previous internet marketing skills that failed her in this election bid.

    And we must NOT forget to thank Obama supporting moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, for her unwitting help in getting Joe's message out on the Internet as her refusal to allow the Pledge went viral (and eventually on the Glenn beck Show). It gave Joe's struggling campaign fund just what it needed to compete with Bean's 1.2 million.

    Vosit for Joe's "Retire Melissa Bean" voter results party photos


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