Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dallas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson falls apart in Anderson Cooper Interview

Via Breitbart

Dallas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson has acknowledged "making a mistake" when awarding her own relatives and 2 children of her top Dallas-based aide scholarship money intended to be awarded to deserving students residing in the districts of Congressional Black Caucus members.   Johnson claims she wasn't aware of the rules for awarding scholarship money because the rules had been ambiguous in prior years.  Since 2005 Johnson has awarded a total of 23 scholarships to family members.  Johnson additionally awarded scholarships to 5 other students who did not meet the residency requirements specified by the nonprofit Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.  Johnson again claimed she was unaware of the residency requirement for the scholarship.

Johnson's claim she didn't knowingly violate the rules when awarding scholarships is particularly important as she could face an ethics investigation into her actions.  She had better hope she holds up better in front of a committee than she does in the following interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper who masterfully shreds her defense:

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