Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More from Karl Rove on Christine O'Donnell

Last night's statements about Christine O'Donnell From Rove and the NRSC establishment were every bit as newsworthy as O'Donnell's upset victory over the establishment candidate Mike Castle. It is clear Rove was smarting as he believed, as many did, the nomination of O'Donnell put a GOP win in Delaware out of reach. In the light of day, clearer heads prevailed at the NRSC as well they should. But what does Rove have to say today? As you will see in the video below he isn't backing off much though what he says here will be nothing compared to the full full nuts and sluts treatment the Democratic candidate Chris Coons has in store. I wasn't expecting the "balls to the wall" support Rush Limbaugh asked of his listeners today but Rove would do well to take some of Rush's advice; save the slime for the Democrat:


  1. So disappointed in Rove. *shaking head*

    And also.

    The world is on fire. I've never seen anything like it. People didn't get this nuts after Brown.

  2. I agree w/you. Karl Rove is making a HUGE mistake. Isn't it interesting how they think we are not privy to their chess game on for the power grab? The people are sick and tired of politics as usual and trying to drag her through the mud because she is part of the Tea Party movement is not very smart on their part.

    I am in Omaha, Nebraska and I watch the GOP 'dis' our local Tea Party all the time. In April they refused to team up with us and unite on the steps of the capitol of Nebraska in Lincoln. I could smell what they were doing then and I can smell it now. I'm not buying it!! Nobody is buying it!!

    Principles over Power every day of the week!!!!

  3. Bride
    Whatever will we do with your internet hubby? I am disappointed too. I think it could play to her advantage to have the Rove types at arms length but it doesn't have to be this extreme. He is going to calm down and when she does surge in the polls any support coming from him will be seen as bandwagon.

    I don't think dragging her through the mud is going to do anything but backfire. She is very bright and she is well spoken. She is a formidable candidate who has the benefit right now of low expectations.

    Let's face some facts too, she is very attractive. I can see why the powers that be were afraid of her candidacy gaining traction. The GOP had better get the message - it's not enough to go dig up the closest thing you have to a Dem and run them with all the blessings the party has to offer. It's not enough to make the argument this is the only guy who can win. Why didn't they have anyone else but Castle in DE? They are to blame for the short bench not Christine O'Donnell.

    I think having her at odds with the GOP is all in her favor much the way they laid low in the Scott Brown campaign. This lady can handle herself, she isn't an elitist and she has principles. I am not counting her out for the general but she has already won a big one for the people even if she comes up short in November. I wouldn't bet against her though.

  4. Wouldn't that be a coup--getting Joe Biden's old Senate seat on our side:)

  5. Anne,

    It would really be on our side too, which would make it 5,879,999 times sweeter. Chris Matthews, Eugene Robinson and crew were not counting her out, I think Chris was a bit captivated even. Men will be men after all.

  6. I like Karl Rove (yes, still), and if this were any year prior to 2009ish, he'd actually be right in his assessment, but this is the hopeandchange let's destroy America era, and Rove's got it wrong. Dead wrong. I honestly don't think that any of the pollsters, politicos, strategists, planners, or pundits fully understand what is happening in America right now. That's okay, though, they'll get it. Eventually.


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