Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chalk up another GOP win in the House: Ann Marie Buerkle wins NY-25

This news  is surely music to The Lonely Conservative's ears.  The incumbent Dem Rep Dan Maffei, who represents NY-25, has finally conceded to Republican Ann Marie Buerkle.  The Lonely Conservative has been following  Maffei's reluctance to admit defeat:
"Rep. Dan Maffei (D) continues to deny the obvious. I suppose he’s thinking that perhaps a few voting machines or bags of ballots will magically appear so he can continue with his Keynesian fantasy. But even if he’s successful, he’ll be in the minority. If the Republicans have learned their lesson, the historic GOP gains in the House would render him impotent anyway.
No matter how you slice it, Ann Marie Buerkle has won the election"

Yes indeed, it appears she has won and so have the people in New York's 25th.

The Other McCain  adds this:
"With last night’s concession in TX-27, Buerkle’s win puts the incoming GOP House majority at 242 seats.
A 4 p.m. press conference is scheduled.
The Lonely Conservative  has confirmation from Buerkle's staff that Maffei conceded the race.


  1. Yay! Oh, yay!

    This is great for the country, and it doesn't hurt poor (okay, nearly bankrupt) ol' New York State, either.

    Happy Dance time. Think I'll go make some pumpkin soup for Thursday.

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