Friday, November 26, 2010

Next tragedy of the impending climate change apocalypse

Your Thanksgiving turkey is going to be like all pasty and dry and just generally nasty:
Climate change could one day affect the cost and quality of dishes traditionally served for Thanksgiving Day dinner, suggests a recent paper in the journal Food Research International.

Pasty, dry turkey meat along with expensive fruits, vegetables and potatoes could be on the horizon if more variable extremes in regional weather patterns continue as a likely result of climate change, indicates author Neville Gregory.

The usual star of the Thanksgiving Day feast, roast turkey, could suffer in quality as a result.
Poor things are going to be all heat stressed.  Maybe it's just turkey menopause or something.  Meanwhile if  the country is actually cooking like a cat on a hot tin roof  we're going to be fretting that our Thanksgiving turkey is not very juicy?  I think not, but thanks for playing.

Via Memeorandum

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  1. Yeah, no one could grow turkeys in a warmed up Siberia or Northern Canada. Uh huh.


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