Monday, October 26, 2009

Politically Inspired Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again.  The best Halloween costumes aren't always the most elaborate, but make an ironic statement or reflect who and what is in the news.  Politics is fertile territory when mining for ideas for a great Halloween costume.  Last year, Sarah Palin costumes were abundant ranging the gamut of political commentary from flattering to insanely critical.  For the most part, Palin costumes were a variation of Tina Fey's caricature of Palin.  Saturday Night Live often does the easy work for those on the left who want to mock Republican leadership.   That doesn't mean there isn't loads of fertile ground to plow for Halloween and comedy in general while Democrats are in charge, just that the comedians are slow to find the humor .  Here are a few ideas I have been putting together along with a few shout outs to leaders in the right side of the political blogosphere.

Easy group idea:  The Obama administration

Politics Chicago-style comes to DC
Whoever is lucky enough to play Rahm Emmanuel can carry a horse head.  In lieu of weapons you could substitute green jobs and health care.  A hope and change lapel sticker would provide the subtle clue your group isn't a run-of-the-mill group of gangsters.

Another group idea:  Pelosi and her blue dogs
Cruella de Ville is just one of the cartoon characters that comes to mind for Pelosi.  Pairing her with a group of blue dogs in lieu of dalmations seems appropriate.  The blue dogs costume would be an easy one to put together with blue sweats, a dog nose and of course a leash, preferably a short one.  She doesn't need a leash for all though; there are plenty of lap dogs as we all know.

 Here is a variation on the same idea: Pelosi as the Wicked Witch accompanied by her flying blue monkeys.  You would need to rely on identifying the monkeys as Blue Dogs here as the Pelosi part requires botox and plastic surgery.   I think a name tag would do the job.  Who could accompany the group with a bucket of water?

Here is a variation on my description of the Baucus Bill.  Described by others as the Vapor Bill, I tended to think of it as Claude Raines the Invisible bill.  The costume that flowed from that image is Hillary the Invisible Secretary of State. This would be easy to put together.  All that is needed is a blonde wig, a pantsuit, some gauze and a pair of sunglasses.  Make sure you leave enough of your eyes unwrapped so you can see the reset button or the path to a primary in 2012.

An Obama Czar costume shouldn't be too difficult.  Glenn Beck has a list of 32 of them so you're bound to at least be in the ball park of looking like at least one.  Save a copy of a Mao portrait on a disk, take it to your nearest Kinko's for printing and cut a hole for your face.  Voila you're a Czar.  For a more subtle approach you could purchase The Communist Party t-shirt at Threadless, declare your affiliation with the Communist party and make yourself an honorary Czar.  Don't declare it too loudly, you might end up accidentally appointed Czar.  There are still many positions unfilled throughout the administration.  As long as you haven't paid your taxes you might end up with a high level job in Washington.  Anne Leary, the Backyard Conservative has her eye on this costume.  Smitty has his eye on the Czar d'Oz.

Running with the Communist/Socialist theme, here is a sure fire hit.  Remember the Campaigner in Chief's latest stump speech, "Why don't you grab a mop, why don't you help clean up.  'You're not mopping fast enough, that's a socialist mop.'   Work with me here, I have no picture to show but the costume idea is pretty straightforward.  If you guessed socialist mop as the costume, give yourself some bonus points.  A pair of brown or tan sweats make the handle which is set off with a skirt made from clothesline rope.  Top it off with a Che hat and you're in business.  For ladies who want to go as a sexy socialist mop, consider a tan or brown bodysuit with a matching pair of tights instead of the sweats or go all out and do a variation of Babbette  the feather duster but with clothesline fringe.

If you would rather stay on the right side of the aisle, consider impersonating your favorite blogger.  There are many bloggers who shape the minds of our future leaders in the hallowed halls of respected universities by day.  When the blogosphere calls with breaking news they strip away their academic garb to reveal their Superman Underoo jammies as they head to their keyboards faster than a speeding bullet.

We have Professor William Jacobson who toils by day as a mild-mannered law professor at Cornell, super blogger at Legal Insurrection by night.  The Blogprof is an Associate Professor of Engineering in Michigan, when he is not blogging or body-building.  Donald Douglass is an Associate Professor of Political Science in Southern California. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame, is a law professor at the University of Tennessee when he isn't busy bestowing the beloved instalanche on grateful bloggers everywhere.  Pat Austin teaches English by day and blogs at "And so it goes in Shreveport"
before and after school.

Andrew Breitbart, the merry prankster  declared war on the left wing media machine.  An Einstein wig and a jester hat would work for a Breitbart costume.  For the younger or more adventurous types, Giles and O'Keefe is a perfect Halloween costume.  In the words of Jon Stewart, this is an easy costume, "Your pimp costume appears to be a fur coat on top of your Andover uniform....You're telling me that two kids from the cast of "High School Musical III" can break this story with a video camera and their grandmother's chinchilla coat?  Nuff said.

I think the costume here is self-explanatory

In the spirit of Jim Halpert's 3-hole punch costume, paper or in this case graph paper can work as costumes. Consider sporting the blogger's dream in costume form.  I speak, of course of the instalanche.   Troglopundit's latest and from what I gather greatest, is featured on the costume prototype.

Allahpundit, Phantom of the Internet?
 Captain's hatthe latest in tech gadgets, and I would include a pair of  angel wings for giving a new blogger a link.  No one quotes him more than Rush making Ed practically a household name. When you gain that sort of prominence, a Halloween costume is soon to follow. 

The Paco Enterprise Nobel Prize Committee
“La-deeeez an’ yentlemen! Tewnight dis here Committee hass de honor tew present de Nobel Peace Prize tew a trewly distinguished
citizen of de vorld."

But if you're determined to take on the left, here is my last suggestion.  With polls heading down in flames and Virginia  and other forthcoming elections showing nothing but bad news for the Democrats in charge, Robert Gibbs always finds a way to declare they are winning, if only in their imaginary war on Fox News.  This makes Baghdad Bob Gibbs the perfect caricature of this administration.  Oh, the comedy that could be written with variations on quotes from Baghdad Bob the first coming from the mouth of Baghdad Bob Gibbs.


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