Thursday, January 14, 2010

Martha Antoinette

Michelle Malkin describes Martha Coakley's tone-deaf sneering at Brown's meet-and-greets with the common folk outside Fenway Park as her Marie Antoinette moment.  That allusion was just screaming for some photoshopping, hence the Martha Antoinette portrait was conceived.

As Malkin notes:

"Yes, you see, because jetting down to D.C. for a soiree in the warm glow of Big Pharma fatcats and lobbyists puts her so much more in touch with the folks in Massachusetts!
What’s French for: Let them watch baseball."
Perhaps while she is frolicking with the fatcats she can condemn a journalist or two to the guillotine and walk on as if  nothing has happened.  Nothing should stand in the way of Martha's succession to the throne after all.
Actually something, or rather someone, might just stand in the way of Martha's succession.  Shaking hands with the people out in the cold does seem to have its advantages:

H/T: HotAir

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