Thursday, January 14, 2010

Buyers Remorse - 50% Would Not Vote to Re-elect Obama

Via Memeorandum
Hotline on Call has the results of an Allstate/National Journal Heartland  poll conducted by Financial Dynamics of 1200 adults.  Polls surveying adults without qualifying for likely or registered voters tends to favor Democrats yet there is little in the poll from which Democrats might take heart.  The most striking finding:

That a mere 39% would either definitely or probably vote to re-elect Obama should give Democrats in Washington considerable pause.  The study shows little support for Obama's economic policies while Republicans gain traction with their focus on taxes and lowering government spending:
Just 34% say the country is moving in the right direction, down 13 points since April, and 55% say it is off on the wrong track, up 13 points over the same period.

But as GOPers focus on taxes and spending, that message seems to be causing Obama the most harm. Among those who believe Obama's policies have moved the country in the wrong direction, 45% cite spending and government regulation as a top cause for their opposition.
I would argue that it is not the message that is causing Obama the most harm, it is the actions of his administration supported by a Democratically controlled Congress that is the culprit.  Republicans, however, are wise to continue to focus on smaller government and lowering taxes in this political atmosphere.

Ed Morrissey notes another huge red flag for Democrats:
After a year of single-party governance, Americans have grown very disenchanted.  In April of last year, 47% of respondents thought the country was moving in the right direction, against 42% who thought it was going off the rails.  Now, 55% think the country is moving in the wrong direction, and only 34% think otherwise.  Since only Democrats have been doing the driving, that gives a strong indication that they may find themselves replaced at the wheel at the next opportunity.
That next opportunity comes this Tuesday January 19, 2010 when a strong showing by Scott Brown should send shivers down the spine of every  Democrat up for re-election this November.


  1. Yes I think this poll is one of the more shocking because we get used to the daily tracking of approval.


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