Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Rush Limbaugh has exceptionally impressive fist pumping skills"

Carolyn asks  "Do Gators Dance" Yes, indeed they do and they appear to be in fine company.  Who knew Rush Limbaugh could bust a move?  Politico reports Rush won Judge of the Night for his amazing fist pumping skills displayed for all as he got up and danced alongside Vivica Fox to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face."  Is it me or does that song seem the absolute perfect song choice for Rush to unleash his dancing prowess on the unsuspecting world?

Rush elaborates on his big win, Talent on Loan from God Wins Contest for Miss America Judges:
 Last night's emcee was Dena Blizzard, comedienne from New Jersey.  She involved, off the cuff, us six judges.  She said, "You know, it's time for us to judge the judges.  The judges get to sit here and judge everybody else."  So we're caught up in this, and we have to play along and there was only one thing we had to perform, and that is we all had to stand up on cue and dance -- all six of us -- and then the audience is going to vote as to which one of us was the winner. So I got up and I started dancing and I did the Jersey fist bump because that's what she said she wanted, and I was doing the Jersey fist bump and I went kind of nuts there for 30 seconds. And, lo and behold, if I didn't win it! I won the judge talent show last night, was called up on stage.

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Miss America Live tweets the news:



  1. LOL! great post! rush is so cool, love him!

  2. Hi Mary Sue, this is a fun post, I love lady gaga too! I need to get her new CD, the fame has a good chance of winning tomorrow night.
    Rush has skills! I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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