Friday, January 29, 2010

FMJRA Roundup: Sound and Fury Edition

Let me start by wishing Carolyn at Carol's Closet a very happy birthday. Carolyn linked and commented on my Hillary post writing:
Obama is a one term president. He is way over his head and the shine is gone. I am not a Hillary fan but I will give credit where credit is due. Hillary is intelligent. We are told that Obama is as well but I've yet to see any evidence, tangible or otherwise. Hillary is accomplished. Obama has no record of accomplishing anything. Hillary is at least somewhat centrist. Obama is whatever Rahmbo tells him to be. If Hillary were president she would forgo the mouth flapping and do something.
The tale of the Obama presidency is one "full of sound and fury signifying nothing," and no one called that earlier than HRC.  Unfortunately for Hillary, Obama's lack of accomplishments worked against her as the media and his campaign defined him as a vessel of Hope.  Unfortunately for Obama, he now has a record that proves he is nothing but an empty vessel.

Professor Jacobson uncovers what's behind the sound and fury over the Supreme Court ruling.  Unfortunately there may be a method to the Democrats madness and their attacks on the Citizens United decision and Justices Roberts and Alito.

On signifying nothing, Prof. Douglas declares Obama the Katy Perry of politics.  They certainly do bear a charmed life.

For all the fury over health care from this administration, Pat Austin points out there is no support for the 9/11 health bill from this Democratic administration.

No fury just fun in the clip of Scott Brown's appearance on Jay Leno.   Left Coast Rebel and Another Black Conservative have the video for those, like me, who missed seeing it live.  I bet Obama sees a dagger in that Scott Brown smile.

There are plenty of daggers for the "putrid poser in chief" in Amusing Bunni's live tweet review of the SOTU speech.

Backyard Conservative discovers something purple and  foul behind the desperate attacks against Dr. Arie Friedman, a candidate for the Illinois 10th Congressional District seat.

Bride of Rove had no patience for the poor player strutting and fretting his way through another meaningless speech.  Bride declares "his words are an informational famine," but no one can say the same of hers.

Cynthia Yockey comments on the King of Sound and Fury himself, Chris Matthews and also includes the video of Jon Stewart skewering him for his latest stupidity.

Fishersville Mike comments on the latest cauldron stirring by Democrats who hope to keep the fires burning on their pot of health care trouble.  "Wreck-onciliation" talks are indeed a sign of desperation but dangerous nonetheless.

Pundette has an interesting take on Obama.  Describing him as "indifferent and irresolute" a portrait emerges of  Obama the Underachiever.   Perhaps the strutting and fretting is a result of the fact he has nowhere else to go..

Maggie does an extensive fact check of the SOTU speech in her notebook and notices there was no room on the stage for the genuine heroes of Fort Hood.  There was plenty of room, however, for Obama's many misrepresentations and outright falsehoods in his speech.  Maggie uncovers them all.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Mako Snark is priceless.  Carol of No Sheeples fame has created a home for her fabulous photoshop work, it's filled with snarky treasures, what fun!

Nice Deb has one of my favorite videos of the week.  Senator Judd Gregg makes mincemeat of the fretting Contessa Brewer on MSNBC.

Obi's Sister posts some advice for the Strutter-in-Chief from a true gentlemen.

Paco  would pay money to see Pelosi pole vault.  He has video of the resulting fail too.

Reaganite Republican comments on the tedious SOTU, complete with cartoons and photos of "Dear Leader"

Congratulations to the Daley Gator for hitting the 200,000 hit milestone.   This is great news for a couple of great guys.

The Other McCain has been covering the Battle of Fitchburg along with DaTechGuy.  Since Obama was shameless enough to pronounce the success of his stimulus earlier today, there is no better time to point what has been included in this disaster.  Our tax dollars are guaranteeing a loan from China in order to fund another Planned Parenthood in DaTechGuy's hometown.  I plan to post on this separately but I can't help but include it here as well.

The Troglopundit points out the people of Indonesia may have discovered the true worth of the "poor player" earlier than most outside the US.  They plan to take down the statue recently erected of him as a boy, ouch.

Apologies to my friend Chris at Wyblog for being late for the rogue Thursday wrap around.    Be sure to read his roundup and his interesting post on spending vetoes his new Governor Christie is making.

 My Voice on the Wings of Change endured the strutting and fretting for a greater good, her talk radio show. This weeks show featured Clifton of Another Black Conservative.  It's a great show.


  1. Thanks for the link. Carol and I share the same birthday!

  2. Oh, I didn't know that. Happy Birthday, hope it was a great one.


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