Friday, January 29, 2010

Hillary's Not a Happy Camper - Update: CNN's Cafferty Says Run Hillary Run

Bret Baier was a guest on the The Steve Malzberg Show (audio here) discussing the SOTU speech, Obama's disrespectful attack on the Supreme Court and the genuine fear among Democrats that the administration appears not to understand the clear need to tack to the right.  Breitbart had the following clip from the radio show where Baier reveals behind the scenes Hillary Clinton is unhappy with her treatment by the administration.  Baier and Malzberg discuss growing evidence the Clintons could be planning another run for the presidency.

Hot Air had an interesting post on the Tavis Smiley interview with Hillary that is mentioned in the radio interview with Baier.  Reports from  the Smiley interview indicate Hillary does not intend to serve as Secretary of State for a second Obama term (heaven forbid there is a second term).   Despite the fact Hillary adamantly denies any intention of running for president, Baier thinks there is more going on than Hillary is willing to admit:
She can say that she's not going to run [for president] all she wants, but I do think that there is something there. There is clearly a discontent in the way that she has been treated as Secretary of State. We get that clearly behind the scenes."
I think having read a good bit of Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime, I have a better sense of Hillary Clinton than I did before reading the book.  Hillary would be more likely to skip the run for president and do things she would truly enjoy but if she really saw an opening for her to win, I wouldn't rule out a run.  Much of that would depend on who the apparent front runner would be for the Republicans because I truly believe she wouldn't primary Obama unless she thought she would win.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview here for me was not that she might run against Obama, but that she is clearly discontented serving in this administration.  Take Hillary's feelings and add the growing grumbling among Congressional Democrats the White House doesn't get it and you get a picture of an administration that is starting to come apart at the seams.  Some of the grumbling is mentioned in the full audio link above.   The entire portion where Hillary Clinton is discussed is embedded here.  All in all, there is a lot of food for thought in this segment.  It ought to be fascinating to see how quickly Hillary jumps ship.  Does she go before the midterms or after?  I somehow doubt she is going to do the whole four years.

UPDATE: Breitbart now has video of CNN's Jack Cafferty urging Hillary to run:

I have to laugh at Wolf Blitzer's efforts to make sure Cafferty is not interpreted as supporting Hillary over Obama. We already know Cafferty is a partisan but nice try Wolf.


  1. Hillary may be a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them- her not attending the SoTU was telling to me, in her opinion (meaning the opinion of myriad Clinton advisers) Obama's toast- to which I heartily concur!

    Watch Hillary to do a Bobby Kennedy in 2012- everybody knows there's no real loyalty, and Hill surely hasn't lost any of her blinding ambition... why go down with the USS Obamamania?

    Of course RFK was Attorney General, and when President Johnson's popularity started to slip, Kennedy turned on him and ran for President against him in the 1968 primaries. Anyone telling you today that the Democrats wouldn't run a serious primary challenge against Obama in 2012 -which I have heard often on lib blogs and elsewhere- clearly has no idea what they're talking about.

    The attempted hiring of Sid Blumenthal by Hillary was interesting too, to say the least- he's about as loyal a Clintonite Rottweiler as one could imagine... brought on right as Obama's poll numbers began to slip. Note then how Obama put the kabosh on that quick-

    The Boy Wonder's personality quirks and narcissism bring predictable behaviors and reactions... the kinds of things that one's political opponents tend to take notice -and full advantage of. You can be sure that Hillary has- and is planning accordingly as this fool drives the country of a cliff.

  2. I think there is no doubt Dems would run a primary against Obama if they thought he was going down. Part of the reason Obama is the president was because some in their party had doubts about Hillary being too divisive and pushed for Obama to get in and challenge her in a primary. A lot of people turned on Hillary and the Clintons aren't likely to forget that.

    I think Bill in particular wants some vindication but both are putting pieces in place to challenge Obama if he looks as though he is going down. I have a friend who is a huge Hillary supporter and she stunned me early on in this administration by saying Hillary won't go down with the ship. I have been watchful for signs of that since that time. As you said she may be a lot of things but stupid isn't one of them.

  3. Bill would love payback. Another year like this one and Dems will be raising money for Hillary. I don't think she will make it for another three years. OMgosh, I hope we have a good candidate! Excellent article.

    I love Cafferty these days.

  4. Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for commenting! We could be raising money for Hillary just to watch the excitement unfold. I bet Bill has been harboring a grudge for quite a while. There is a pretty funny article on RedState by Dan Perrin that makes the point Obama is a fool for taking any advice from Bill Clinton.


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