Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pelosi Going to Pole Vault and Parachute her Way to Passing Health Care

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This was just too bizarre a statement, even from Pelosi, to pass up the opportunity to post it.    The video is a clip from a Fox News report featuring Carl Cameron discussing the Democrats desperate efforts to keep the hope alive they might pass health care this year.  Changes to the bill Pelosi believes she needs to pass the bill in the House while the Senate takes the nuclear reconciliation option would cost an additional $300 billion dollars.  As Allahpundit points out, this would take the cost of the bill over the trillion dollar mark using Democrat math which would mean it really costs over  $2.5 trillion by any realistic mathematical assessment.

Passing a bill with this price tag in this political environment would require greater courage than a pole vaulter or parachutist could muster.  Still, Pelosi and a few others persist with the notion they can make this work, it's either stunningly arrogant or stupid or both.  My inclination is not to believe any more of these reports yet reliable sources insist Democrats intend to proceed down this path.  Hugh Hewitt sums up the arrogance of such a move in his intro to the transcript of his interview with Jon Kyl:
Prior to Massachusetts Obamacare was just a terrible bill with disastrous consequences for the American health care system, especially for seniors.

If passed after Massachusetts, Obamacare would become the single most contemptuous act by a Congress towards voters in American history.
Republicans could make passage of such a bill a nightmare by adding endless amendments Democrats would be forced to vote on in this perilous political year.  Perhaps that is the Democrats purpose here.  Knowing that Republicans would make passage so difficult, Democrats would then blame Republicans for being obstructionists while playing up the amount of time spent on amendments when they could have been working on jobs.   Democrats, of course ignore the message voters want the current bill dropped and prefer Congress to focus on jobs and the economy instead.

Democrats seem desperate to commit political suicide with health care.  Now they are going to parachute and pole vault their way over the hurdles before them.  Good luck with that strategy:


  1. She's a complete moron. I wish she'd pole vault her way over the grand canon, without a parachute ;-)

  2. LOL, I couldn't agree more Bunni.


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