Saturday, February 13, 2010

FMJRA Roundup: Olympic Gold Edition

Here I am again, late for the Rogue Thursday roundup or a tad early for a Saturday, take your pick.  Tonight the 2010 Winter Olympics got underway.  News of  the tragic death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, a 21-year-old Georgian luger, brought sorrow to the usually joyous opening of the Olympic games.  Nevertheless, the Canadians managed a spectacular opening to ""Inspire the world," at a time when inspiration is in short supply.

There was a brief technical malfunction that caused hockey great Wayne Gretzky to grimace while he stood waiting for the cauldron to rise from the floor.   He was joined in a circle by a few Canadian super stars, sharing concerned glances and the occasional smirk knowing they were there to surprise the crowd by lighting the cauldron together:

As Rick Hansen wheeled into the arena holding the torch, a collective gasp emerged as people assumed it would be him, only to be foiled when Catriona Le May Doan took the flame forward to Steve Nash, who ran it around to Nancy Greene Raine, who ran a solid leg towards The Great One, Wayne Gretzky.

He then moved around to a set spot, turned and faced the centre of the arena and, with the other relay runners all at similar spots, it dawned on us all... they would ALL light the flame.
It was a great moment and perfect, in my humble opinion, to begin another tribute to my fellow bloggers.  There are many gold medals to be awarded and a few very important thank yous due to some who gave me quite the boost this week.  So let the games begin.

First I must thank a fellow mother who blogs who very kindly featured my blog the past few days giving me new visitors in a steady stream.  Pundette is Glinda the very very good witch of the Ozosphere.  It is always a worthwhile click of the ruby slippers to visit her blog.  Thank you very much, Jill!

Next, I wanted to thank Adrienne who gave me a link and a very nice compliment too.  I would say that she is really the little engine that could and does write a great blog.  We also seem to share a few things in common besides being Catholic and Conservative, we both like to decorate except Adrienne manages to blog about that too.

Amusing Bunni lives up to her name posting that fantastic "Frozen Wasteland" video that was absolutely perfect for all the snow we had this week.

American Power has a fantastic video "In Order to Gain Domestic Power,"  that explains why "people of goodness are rejecting the left's party of defeat, the Democratic Party ."

Pat Austin has a great analysis of the latest Washington Post poll that asks who people trust with national security.  She is wisely suspicious and explains why in her post.

Anne Leary posts on Obama's disastrous terror policy and includes an interesting link from "Keep America Safe."  Anne is an amazing blogger, she wrote at least 10 posts on Friday alone, wow.  It was hard to pick just one.  A great post by Jimmie Bise at The Sundries Shack set this all in motion.  

Bride of Rove sifts through a great post at Carol's Closet.  Both take a peak at the skeletons in the Florida  Republicans' closet, Bride looks through the looking glass of the 4th estate while Carolyn looks through a 3.4 million dollar turtle tunnel bought and paid for with our stimulus dollars.  

Fishersville Mike sets Bill Nye "the science guy" straight on a few facts about weather.  Is Bill Nye a meteorologist, no indeed he is not.

Maggie Thornton covered the tragic shooting at the University of Alabama, Huntsville on Friday and notes this is the second Alabama school shooting this week.  The Other McCain is stunned by the tragedy as well.  There is an interesting link to Amy Bishop's rate my teacher page in the comments on McCain's piece.  I doubt we will be hearing about Dr. Bishop's political leanings in news coverage of the shooting which is entirely appropriate.  Sadly we know that wouldn't be true if she were a conservative.  
(read the rest after the jump)

Makes my Brain Itch hit a milestone in blogging and gives a gold medal to Stacy McCain's "How to get a million hits on your blog," post and stresses the importance of rule one.  This is a very good point.  I must credit adherence to rules 1 and 5 with my first Instalanche which I am trying to share with my fellow bloggers by posting this FMJRA immediately afterward.  

Mako Snark has one hilarious but "mean ole billboard" added to the gallery of fine snark in her collection.  I love that face on Obama. Meanwhile, No Sheeples has a Somethin 4 Mutton roundup.

Obi's Sister and Pat in Shreveport show us "Snowmageddon Southern Style."   Their pictures are really wonderful. 

From the Shelves of Paco comes an interesting discussion on the novels of Anya Seton.

Reaganite Republican  toasts the departure of the last Kennedy from Congress.   Bob Belvedere starts a rousing chorus of "Ding Dong The Kennedy's Gone."  I am saving that particular song for that lovely day in November when a certain witch surrenders her broom.

The Daley Gator  lays down a couple of very important rules.  Linking Irish Cicero particularly when he posts on the latest from Thomas Sowell is critical, I agree.  I also agree we should never ever stop anyone from saying TDG is a great great blog.  

The Blogprof linked me for the very first time this week, which really made my day.  Chris has the video of the tragic death of the Georgian luger and asks questions that an Associate Professor of Engineering might ask.  

The Troglopundit notes some counterintuitive claim in a report on the closing of the Federal government due to snow this week.  Wouldn't productive government be an oxymoron similar to jumbo shrimp?

Wyblog is glad everyone catching up to his posts on his new Governor's  efforts to contain an imploding fiscal situation though he doesn't always get the acknowledgment he deserves.  I noticed that Wyblog is often ahead of the game in reporting the news.  He has been ahead of the coverage on some issues by as much as a week.  He is a really a terrific blogger and one I pay close attention to items he is covering.    

That's a wrap, cue the theme song and light the cauldron.  


  1. Good gracious - I'm sitting here staring at my computer trying to think of any one teeny tiny thing to say and you - the blond wizard of the web - are cranking out the words.

    Some weeks it just seems like it's so much "blah, blah, blah." Or worse, there's so much going on that my poor ADD addled brain can't settle on one thing.

    Oh, what to do? Sigh...

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I'm thinking we should have a conservative blogger convention for women only. Wouldn't that be cool? The guys get into too many petty arguments.

  2. Adrienne,

    I would love a conservative blogger convention, that would be loads of fun. And as to the ADD point, I am struggling this very minute on what to write next. I start 5 different posts in my head and scrap them. Sometimes it all comes out but that doesn't seem to be the rule.

  3. Thanks for the link! About half of the snow melted so now we have Mudville again.

  4. You're welcome. I wish our snow would melt. I have it stacked in some places 5 an 6 ft. There's no place left to put it.


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