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Snow Studs - 10 Winter Olympic Male Hotties

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Instapundit linked 10 Winter Olympic Hotties which was a post depicting some beautiful women on the US Winter Olympic Team.  He had a request for equal time, however:
UPDATE: Reader Jeff Pittman writes: “How ’bout some equal time for your readers who hoped at least a few of the hotties would be guys? Not that there’s anything wrong with gals (yawn), I’m just saying…” Well, somebody send me a link, if you’ve got something like that. Haven’t seen anything along those lines myself, but surely there are some hunky bobsledders or something out there . . . .
Actually there were more than a few hunky bobsledders.  Choosing among the various good looking guys on the hockey team was tough, but I  persevered with the arduous task.  Someone had to.  All are on the team with the exception of TJ  Lanning who is still recovering from his injury.  He has been a member of the team for years though and plans to be there to root for his team.  I couldn't leave out a genuinely nice guy and ok, he's pretty hot too.   Good luck to the team!

David Backes  Hockey
Home: Minneapolis
Birthday May 1, 1984
Height 6'3
Team St. Louis Blues

Steven Nyman
  Provo Utah
Birthday:  Feb 2, 1982
Alpine Skiing

Height: 6’1” (185)
Weight: 194 (88)
2002 Olympian  2006 Olympian  2010 Olympic hopeful
Photo Source: Life

Brett Camerota
Event: Nordic Combined
Birthdate: Jan. 9, 1985
Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah
Hometown: Park City, Utah
Years on Team: 4
TJ Lanning
Sport: Alpine Skiing
Birthdate: August 27, 1984
Birthplace: Helena, MT
Hometown: Park City, UT
Residence: Park City, UT
Ht: / Wt: 6'2" / 191 lbs
Photo Source Twitter

Bode Miller
Hometown Franconia, NH
Birthplace Easton, NH
Birthdate 10/12/1977
Team Years 12
Height 6-2
Weight 210
Marco Sullivan
Alpine Skiing
Home: Tahoe City, Calif,
Birthday: April 27, 1980

Picture credit Marco Sullivan Flickr

Chris Drury
Home: Castle Rock, CO
Birthday: August 20, 1976
Member of the 2006 U.S. Olympic team
Member of 2002 U.S. Olympic silver medal team
Member of 1997 and 1998 U.S. National Teams
1998 Hobey Baker Memorial Award recipient (NCAA hockey player of the year)
Photo: Is This It?


  1. Some additional (but useless) info on Chris Drury - he was part of the 1989 Little League World Series winning team against Chinese Taipei.

    I Callahan

  2. You're right. I remember that series but would never have remembered Drury was part of that team. I think that is pretty interesting and wouldn't describe it as useless at all.


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