Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coffee Party is a Wild Success

According to CNN anyway.  Ironically, there are no mentions of nasty nicknames or implications the group members are racist rednecks. They used up all those terms and jokes when covering tea parties.   This is the type of coverage the "Coffee Party merits:
The new Coffee Party movement deemed its official kickoff Saturday a "huge success," with dozens of talks held at coast-to-coast coffee shops as members came together to discuss the issues most important to them.

Billed by many as an answer to the conservative Tea Party movement, the Coffee Party was born on Facebook just six weeks ago. While the group has become an instant hit online -- it boasts more than 141,000 Facebook fans as of Saturday -- gauging the success of this weekend's coffee meetups was predicted to be an indicator of the group's strength.
So, just how strong were these coffee party gatherings?  One might describe them as intimate.  North Carolina had all of five people show up   An estimated crowd of 3000 protested today in Minnesota.  What's a couple thousand people though?  CNN reports the two groups have much more in common besides their group strength, that is.   Do they now?  It sure doesn't seem that way in Palm Beach:
"Frankly, we are petrified by the tea party and what they stand for and what they're talking about," said Monte Carmel, a retired business executive from West Palm Beach.

"I'm tired of all the misinformation, the cute little labels the fright-wing has thrown on everything," said a man named Russ.

"To me, government is the answer. I'm really sort of perplexed," said a man named Joe who said he had been a teacher for 44 years.
I am sure there would be loads of agreement with those sentiments among the tea party folks.  I can spot potential agreement however, and it is this, frankly, my dear coffee party friends we are petrified of you and your belief government has all the answers.


  1. Oh yeah, nothing quite as scary as personal responsibility, making your own way in life, and making your own decisions about what you eat, drink, drive, think, say, and do now is there? These people are out of their minds.

  2. Too Funny, they have had a total of 35 show up at the two events. Some of them were just customers that happened to already be in the coffee house!


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