Saturday, March 13, 2010

FMJRA Roundup: Live From "Health-Care Hell" Edition

It looks like this will be the week.  The Democrats are determined to take their bill that has not been written change all the rules in Congress, shred the Constitution and take it to a vote.  This is just a simple up or down vote in the world of Democrats.

This past week was the busiest I can recall since I started my blog a mere 7 1/2 months ago.  I have written nearly 800 blog posts in that time and I am willing to bet 75% are health care related.  I can only imagine how many will be written in the next week, not only by myself but my friends in the blogosphere as well.  I have faith they will be at their finest while we cover this outrageous disregard for the will of the American people.

For this week's roundup I am going to start off with Pundette who has an update from "health-care hell."  I should note that she borrowed the phrase from Jonah Goldberg and I borrowed it from her.  It is a perfect descriptor so I am sure Goldberg won't mind if we run with it.

Next I would recommend a post by Doug Ross who believes we are now living under martial law and argues if the Democrats do indeed enact their health care legislation via the "Slaughter Solution"  it will create the greatest constitutional crisis since the Civil War.   Obi's Sister  notes the rule is aptly named.

Political Junkie Mom has an amazingly informative Friday night tab dump.  I wonder what the average number of tabs a blogger keeps open on a given day.  Right now I have 31 but it can get much higher.

For a humor break take a look at these posts:
Adrienne has a little political test, find out if you are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Redneck?

Donald Douglas at American Power has the perfect Ramirez cartoon, though Anne Leary has another great one. Ramirez is always spot on in his cartoons and his artwork is really exceptional. I love the detail.

Patches channels Matt Foley, motivational speaker by Nice Deb and her husband is hilarious.

Mako Snark  catches "You Know Who" daydreaming.

Amusing Bunni would much rather watch cute cuddly animal videos than any of O'Bummers speeches.  Can anyone argue with that?

Reaganite Republican has a "Mega" round up of humor.

The Daley Gator has a bit of Karma in mind for Pelosi and crew inspired by Troglopundit.  I am not sure it is nasty enough but it is a heck of a good start.  Checkout the Kennedy style parenting photo at Troglopundit's too.

Notes on the Nanny State, neocons and much more:
Less is really more especially when it comes to busybodyitis

Monumental success  of neocons in Iraq

Quite Rightly wonders what would happen if ObamaCare was a patient in Canada

Bride of Rove declares Obama a "spoiled rotten little brat" Who will give him the time out?

DaTechGuy hopes Lawrence O'Donnell wasn't near any sharp objects when he read Marc Thiessen's op-ed destroying the John Adams analogy floating on the left regarding closing Gitmo.

Woah, I thought my husband was a college basketball fan, Fishersville Mike might have him beat.  No Sheeples has a touch of March Madness herself.

Fuzzy Logic wants to make sure Barack Obama's proper legacy is preserved.   If anyone can do it, she can.

Legal Insurrection visits the "all you can eat" reconciliation buffet.  Uggh, I need an alka seltzer, though I doubt it will bring relief.

Camp of the Saints has a few "spot-on quotes of the week."

Chris at Wyblog notes the government knows what kind of toilet paper we buy.  Is he referring to brand or ply?  I buy whatever brand is on sale and as for ply220/221 whatever it takes.

Smitty has an update from Doctor Wolf who you might remember as the cousin of Barack Obama.  Doctor Wolf seems to have ticked off some of those open minded liberal folks who are always much better human beings than conservatives.  Nice job Dr. Wolf.

Update:  Pat Austin had a great post "It Just Won't Die", noting health care has been harder to kill than a cockroach in a nuclear blast.   Does that sum this mess up or what?

New addition to the blogroll Mind Numbed Robot, issues a red alert.


  1. Yes, I think 75% of your posts have been health care.

    I'm not looking forward to this.

  2. LOL, I think 75% was on the low side.


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