Monday, July 20, 2009

Healthcare Word of the Day- Waterloo

Well polls are crashing all around Obama and the August recess creeps ever-closer threatening the passage of a Healthcare Reform before the House and Senate skip town for vacation after voting for yet another bill they refuse to read. Still Obama refuses to surrender and rather than make his case to the American people or explain significant aspect of his plan, Obama chooses to fight a straw man in Senator DeMint's comment that healthcare could be Obama's Waterloo. To be fair, it would be hard for him to explain the proposed reform since no one seems to agree what that might look like. Hot Air has Senator DeMint's response to Obama which pretty much calls Obama's reform and sales pitch for the Bull it is.

Bill Kristol mentioned tonight DeMint's comment was a mistake, noting the old adage, "when the opposition is busy digging a hole, get out of their way and let them keep digging. He has a point, though it was enjoyable to see DeMint spell it all out, we haven't seen too much of that from the GOP lately. So I have had the Abba song stuck in my head all day and thought I would pass that along for your enjoyment.

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