Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Matthews - It's Starting to Look Like a Redistribution Program

Here's 8 minutes of Chris Matthews that almost makes the tingly legs nonsense of the last year less vomit worthy. Matthews discusses the latest Wall Street Journal/ NBC poll with Chuck Todd and Charlie Cook and laments the President's loss of approval and positively chilly numbers on Health care reform. Cook actually delivers the line most memorable but the first highlight comes at 1:58 where Matthews describes Obama's plan as starting to look like redistribution. He goes on to describe it as taking from those with coverage and medical care and giving it to those who don't. Cook's golden line comes at 3:00 when he declares that over the last 6 weeks people, particularly Independents have lost their confidence in him."

At about 4:00 Cook discusses the latest Congressional Ballot measure on this poll which is much more favorable to Democrats than Rasmussen has been. This poll, as do most other than Rasmussen polls adults without the requirement of likely voters. Cook predicts a possible pick up of 20 seats in the House for Republicans despite the still favorable though sliding numbers for Dems in this poll. Toward the end you will see Cook lament Obama's mistake in not including Republicans in this health care discussion as a serious problem and suggests this has hurt the sale of the reform. All in all, a rare moment of honesty from a few of the biggest Obama cheerleaders in the media.

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