Monday, July 27, 2009

Not-So-Subtle Advice for Birthers

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has a post in reference to a Politico piece on "birthers." Minnesota Representative Peterson(D)complains he can't talk to his constituents because they are all crazy or something. Notwithstanding Peterson's ridiculous claim, Ed Morrissey makes a great point about the sudden emergence of the birthers as fodder for the MSM who would like to paint the GOP as a bunch of "loons:"

On the overall Birther issue, it’s becoming a problem for Republicans. We have people like Chris Matthews helping to fuel it, not because Matthews has objective journalistic instincts, but because he knows he can make all Republicans look like loons — and encourage more Birthers to get vocal. Just when we need all the credibility we can muster to fight against ObamaCare and cap-and-tax, it’s getting sapped by the conspiracy theorists.

Ed is completely right, this is no time to feed the MSM machine to paint the GOP as crazy, especially as this diversion is entirely intended to create a distraction from Obama's falling polls and health care plan that is on the ropes to put it mildly. For those who wish to help Matthews and his journalistic ilk, here is my advice:

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