Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pelosi & Reid Sound Retreat - DNC Runs Straw Man Ad

Hot Air has the full scoop on the call for retreat from Reid and Pelosi on a vote for health care legislation before the August recess. Reid sounded the first call for retreat, drew the ire of the liberal and progressive crew on Twitter. Markos Moulitsas, founder of Daily KOS, called attention to a growing hashtag on Twitter targeting Reid:
The #harryreid tag is hilarious today.

While Reid may be the fall guy, there was nothing to prevent Speaker Pelosi from taking her legislation to the floor for a vote, unless of course shedoesn't have the votes. This would, of course, completely contradict Pelosi's statement yesterday that she did have the votes. Mmm, the Speaker wouldn't lie about that would she? Regardless, Reid is going to be the scapegoat among Democrats, well at least privately.

Publicly, the following DNC ad gives a taste of who they will continue to paint as boogeyman holding up health care reform. This straw man ad makes the ridiculous argument that those who oppose a complete socialization of our health care industry must, of course, prefer to do nothing. In Democratic simplistic minds there are only two choices, complete take over or do nothing.

Included among those the DNC accuses of preferring to do nothing are Michael Steele, Jim DeMint and Rush Limbaugh. Last I checked Limbaugh had absolutely no legislative authority, being an entertainer and all. Whatever, this is all about leaving an impression in the mind of the public. At this point, I think the public might be grateful that some were slowing down the Obama agenda, but that's just me.

The DNC ad is a straw man and "patently false" to quote Senator DeMint. There are several proposals for health care reform drafted by Republicans as I have listed before. Of course the DNC would never run ads letting the American people know that there are Republican alternatives, that would be giving a clear picture instead of obfuscating reform that is of dire necessity according to their own rhetoric.

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