Sunday, July 26, 2009

Latest Polls Show Decline in Support Post Press Conference

UPDATE- Zogby's latest poll Obama's approval at 48%. HatTip to Hot Air. Zogby polls likely voters and in this poll 3500 likely voters were included in the study. Though Zogby is often thought to skew left, the numbers here concur with Rasmussen often thought to be a right leaning pollster. Interesting they are in agreement.

Today's Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll makes the third consecutive day Obama's approval nummber was below 50% meaning more disapprove than approve. More importantly the President's disapproval of 51% is now 40% strongly disapprove and 11% somewhat disapprove. Those that strongly disapprove is up by 5% points since the press conference this week. Of those who approve 29% strongly approve and 20% somewhat approve. This makes the passion index at a new high level of -11.
Also of note, the President is now viewed as politically liberal by 76% of the public. The President also received generally low approval numbers for the answer he gave to the question relating to the Harvard professor recently arrested. There was a strong divide though between white and African American respondents. Generally though the President's approval has suffered since his press conference on Wednesday night. The full impact of that conference should be rolled into the numbers by Tuesday.

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