Saturday, August 1, 2009

And Those Little Blue Dogs Too!

UPDATE: Links for the new legislation below the cut

Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world. After what seems like weeks of Kabuki theater with Blue Dog Democrats, Speaker Pelosi would not guarantee the inclusion of contentious provisions in the final House bill.

The Hill reports:
In a session with reporters, Pelosi wouldn't commit to putting the exact language of the deal with Blue Dogs in the final bill.

"I have three chairmen to deal with," she said. "We have three committees that have to look at it."

There have been reports that some liberals are not happy with changes made to appease the more conservative members of the Democratic party. Blue Dogs have complained to Pelosi deals made with Henry Waxman could be removed. Rep Baron Hill (D) said, "There have been some disturbing comments from anonymous aides in the papers, that this was 'just a bone' thrown to the Blue Dogs,"

Considering Pelosi would not commit to keeping the hard-fought provisions in the final bill, Rep. Hill likely has good reason to be concerned. Of course, Blue Dogs could vote against the final bill when and if this bill finally makes it to a vote. It seems as though they have shown their soft underbelly in this debate, however. While they may talk a good game on fiscal conservatism, in the end they proved to be all bark, no bite.

Michelle Malkin has the list of culprits if you decide you would like to give one a call or two. Here's a link for the latest barrage of proposed bills and ammendments from the markups. This ammendment to prevent the use of taxpayer dollars to be used for abortion failed in a 27-31 vote. I am sure there will be plenty of other lovely little suprises in the 1026 page alternative offered by Waxman.

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