Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gratuitous Palin Slam of the Day

In what has to be the most incoherent attempt to deflect the left's self-inflicted pain called to light by Palin's "death panels" statement, Jacob Weisberg argues in Newsweek that it is really the GOP that wants to pull Granny's plug. Just for laughs, I suppose, he takes Palin along for the ride. Nice try Mr. Weisberg, but it doesn't wash.

Weisberg makes the convoluted argument that Grassley's provision in the 2001 tax cut will result in seniors feeling the pressure to off themselves so their loved ones can take advantage of a brief tax respite. Grassley's provision took the estate tax or "death tax" from the 55% rate of the Clinton Administration gradually reducing it to zero for a brief time before it expires at the end of 2010. Grassley, BTW, sees this as an opportunity to raise the exemption and lower the tax when Obama and his Congress are looking to freeze it at the current level. Heaven forbid they should let it go to zero and act to keep it at zero; Dems can't let an opportunity pass to keep soaking the rich.

Weinberg ignores all of this, however, and paints a scenario where the brief respite from the ugly death tax will have families sitting down for a serious talk with their aging seniors. Seniors will wake in a cold sweat from nightmares seeing Grassley behind a mask with Nurse Palin standing by with a syringe. Words fail. No one seriously believes this Democratic regime would allow even a momentary loss of revenue from the death of a person with a sizable estate. If seniors wake from a cold sweat it will only be because they envision Surgeon Obama with his ever-ready scalpel ready to extract more from those who have built a sizable estate with Nurse Pelosi standing by his side with the syringe.

HT: Hot Air Headlines

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